Iowa City Restaurant Weekly Deals You Need To Know Now

College life is tough because you need to fend for yourself when it comes to food. On the days when you're too lazy to cook a crappy meal at your apartment or you're not feelin' what the dinning hall is serving up that night, you can always rely on Iowa City restaurants to take good care of you (and your taste buds). Whether you're in the mood for pizza, wings, tacos, burgers, mac 'n' cheese or sushi (the main food groups in college), you can find good food with an even better deal on just about any given day of the week at these favorite downtown Iowa City hot spots.


The Airliner 

Deal: $1 pizza slices on Sundays 


Brother's Bar & Grill 

Deal: 25 cent wings after 8 p.m. on Wednesdays 


Deal: $6 all you can eat wings (with a purchase of a beer) on Mondays 



Deal: $1 Taco Tuesdays 

El Patron 

Deal: $1 Taco Tuesdays and Thursdays 


Short's Burgers and Shines 

Deal: $7 burger and black bean burgers on Mondays 

Mickey's Irish Pub

Deal: $5 burger basket on Mondays


Deal: $3 burger basket on Thursdays 

Mac n Cheese 


Deal: $4 Mac and Cheese bowl on Mondays



Deal: $3 sushi rolls on Tuesday and Thursdays 


Molly's Cupcakes 

Deal: Buy one get one half off cupcakes on Wednesdays 

It's not your mama's cooking, but this food and these deals are almost as good as it gets when you're miles away from home! 


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