The Cart at UD!

If you’ve ever had class in Smith, Purnell, or Kirkbride Hall, it’s more than likely that you’ve noticed “The Cart” across the street.  Every day, no matter what the weather is like (we’re talking rain, snow, sleet, you name it!), the Cart is outside in its usual place, prepared to offer students a bite to eat for a college budget. Mike, the man pictured above, and his partner John run “The Cart”. They attended the Culinary Arts Institute of America and are experienced chefs. They decided to open up the food cart to serve their creations-- which Mike describes as a "Cuban and Asian fusion"-- to university students for "good cheap eats". Mike even gave me a sample, and the food is delicious! If you’re in a hurry, definitely stop by the cart and get a “taste” of why Mike and John love what they do! 

Sara studies at the University of Delaware (go blue hens!), and absolutely loves it. She is currently studying communications and english with a professional writing concentration. and is fostering a developing interest in public relations after having been introduced to the field through the Public Relations Student Society of America at UD. That has inspired her to concentrate in public relations in the future, though she is a firm believer in getting a well-rounded education and taking a bunch of classes in various subjects. Wherever her education takes her, Sara has always had a passion for writing and will continue her writing in any way possible throughout the remainder of her college years and beyond! Born in New York City, she appreciates and is preparing for the fast paced lifestyle of a city girl, but enjoys the more relaxed nature of her hometown on the Jersey Shore (though she is not affiliated in any way with the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore). Only minutes from the beach, Sara tries not to take the beautiful atmosphere for granted. Similarly, she tries not to take anything else in her life for granted, and in this sense, prides herself on her strong work ethic. She believes that when life gets tough, it’s only because something great is on the horizon. She adores music, her family and friends, movies, writing, magazines, and travel. Sara cannot wait to see what else college has in store for her, and is ready to take more risks and live with no regrets. She is beyond thrilled to be part of the Her Campus team, and looks forward to writing and editing content that focuses on an audience of college women dedicated to achieving their aspirations.