A Spin Class a Day: Our Ranking of Spin Studios Near Tufts

Looking to switch up your workout or try a new spinning studio? We tried almost all of the studios in the area so you don’t have to.  Our ratings are based on location, price, cleanliness, quality of the workout, and quality of the instructors. Here are some of the pros and cons for each studio and why we will (or won’t) be coming back!


The Handle Bar

Rating: 9/10

Price: $15/class (student discount)

Shoe Rental: Free

Arm Workout: Weighted Bar (heavy)

T Stop: Harvard Square on the Red Line

Located right in Harvard Square this is one of the most convenient spinning studios for Tufts students. Not only are they close by but they have a student discount price of $15, making them one of the cheapest options in the area. The studio is bright and clean, and the classes are very upbeat, yet not as loud or intense as Flywheel. We have enjoyed all the teachers we have had there thus far. Unlike other studios, the Handlebar uses a heavy weighted bar for arm workouts instead of small dumbbells, which made for a killer arm workout. The down side: the bikes. Some of them are a little rickety and difficult to adjust. But, with great instructors, close location, and an affordable price, we will definitely be coming back again.



Rating: 8.5/10

Price: $18/class (student discount)

Shoe Rental: Free

Arm Workout: Weighted Bar (both lighter and heavier options)

T Stop: Prudential Center on the Green Line

What makes it different? The TorqBoard. At Flywheel you can opt in to live stats and class rankings for an extra bit of competition and excitement. The board lets you see how much you have worked in comparison to the rest of the class. With our competitive attitudes, this helped us to really amp up our workout. All the teachers we have tried thus far have been super upbeat, encouraging, and intense. The classes are loud, fun, and challenging—probably the best workout you will get out of the classes on our list! While the normal price is a hefty $30 per class, we recommend that you ask about the student discount, which is $18 per class with a valid student ID and schedule. The only downside to this awesome studio is the distance—with the walk to Davis and the time it takes to switch subway lines, it takes almost as long to get there as the actual length of the class.


Turnstyle Cycle

Rating: 8/10

Price: $17/class (student discount)

Shoe Rental: Free

Arm Workout: Dumbbells (w/ strap)

T Stop: Kendall/MIT on the Red Line

The best part about this studio is its energy. With the friendliness of the front desk staff and the enthusiasm of the instructors, it’s hard not to be motivated. Up until about a year ago, the studio sported tilting bikes, but this is no longer the case. Now, the brand new stationary bikes in the Kendall Square location give you a smooth ride. Every ride at Turnstyle is themed, so you’re guaranteed to attend a class with music you love—whether it’s Jay Z vs. Eminem, or a 90’s throwback ride. Unlike most studios, this location often send emails with promotions and sales (so it’s a great one for your wallet). Finally, Turnstyle is one of the easiest studio locations to get to on this list—it is a short walk from the Kendall/MIT station, which is only 4 stops away from Davis. The downside to this studio is that the teachers are completely hit or miss. Some classes are an amazing workout with awesome instructors, and at others, advanced riders will come out without having broken a sweat. Regardless, once you find the right instructor for you, the 5 for $59 class pack is totally worth it.



Rating: 7.5/10

Price: $30/class (NO student discount)

Shoe Rental: $3

Arm Workout: Dumbbells

T Stop: Charles MGH on the Red Line

SoulCycle is definitely an upbeat workout that will leave you feeling energized and refreshed. The best part about this studio is the environment and motivating instructors; many have even called the Soul culture “cult-like,” given its massive number of loyal clients. Additionally, the Beacon Hill studio is brand new and immaculately clean—not to mention the bikes are in top shape, allowing for a smooth ride. The Beacon Hill location is conveniently located right next to the Charles MGH T stop, making it an easy commute from Tufts. However, each class is a whopping $30, not including shoe rental. While the instructors are all amazing and the studio has awesome vibes, we will probably not be coming back very often due to the steep prices.


Cyc Fitness

Rating: 7.5/10

Price: $15/class (student discount)

Shoe Rental: Free

Arm Workout: Weighted Sandbags

T Stop: Arlington on the Green Line

Cyc Fitness is one of the newer cycling studios in Boston. Their signature Cyc45 class is similar to many of the other signature classes at other studios—a beat-based ride with endurance intervals. The most difficult part of the class was definitely the speed at which the instructor was asking of us; the sprints were challenging and the increase in resistance throughout the class was much less significant at this studio compared to others. Another main difference was the weighted portion of the class. There were three different weighted songs versus just one, and soft sandbag bars were used instead of the typical dumbbell, making it a much more thorough upper body workout. While the class was a great workout, the worst part was trying to find it! Cyc is a tiny studio located in the basement of the Revere Hotel, and there are few visual cues as to which entrance you should use or how to get to the basement.



Rating: 7/10

Price: $19/class (student discount)

Shoe Rental: Free

Arm Workout: Dumbbells

T Stop: Downtown Crossing on the Red Line

The workout alone at B/SPOKE is incredible. A similar workout to Flywheel, the vibe inside the studio is intense and challenging; you will surely leave the workout dripping sweat, with wobbling legs and spaghetti arms. We found the instructors to be a little less “bubbly” than you might imagine a spin instructor to be, but nonetheless they know how to push you past your limits to get a great workout. The studio itself is new, with a super clean showering area and other great amenities. However, the bikes must have been purchased used at this studio, because they are a little shaky, and the clip-in pedals are loose. Additionally, the studio is TINY—especially in the busy class times, there is barely any room to move! Despite the few issues with the equipment and the studio, the student discount price for classes is still more expensive than Flywheel at $19/class, which knocks B/SPOKE down on our list.


Although we found ups and downs to each studio, we encourage you to give each location a try! Fitness is a very personal concept and is about doing what’s best for you.  Believe it or not, these aren’t even all the cycling studios Boston has to offer! Check back soon for an update as we try more spinning locations and classes in the Greater Boston Area.

Courtney is a junior at Tufts University where she is majoring in International Relations with a double minor in Communications & Media studies and Economics. She has previously worked for Santander Bank US as a Digital Marketing Analytics Intern as well as Jumpstart Knowledge Adventure where she focused on Social Media Content Creation.

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