Towson Tantrum: Registering for Classes


How is it that every semester it gets harder for me to register for classes than it was the previous semester? You would think that as you moved higher in credits, there would be more seniority, making more classes available. But each semester it seems like there are less and less classes available.

Most of the classes I planned on taking in the spring only have two open sections! WHHHHYYYYY? Why on earth are there only 2 sections of these classes? Most of them aren’t even big lectures. They are regular size lectures with about 20-30 people in them. If you ask me, the less sections you offer, the bigger the class should be. How am I supposed to graduate on time if I can never get into the classes I need? Are there more professors teaching Gen Eds than upper level courses? Does Towson need to hire more professors? Are professors teaching too many different courses? Like come on now why does one person teach like five different courses? Yea they may all have the same subject matter but that creates less classes.

I’m starting to think this is apart of the whole college scam, that unwritten plan to help keep students in college for six years rather than four. Pardon me if I’m ruining things for you guys but I don’t want to be here any longer than I have to be! I still have to attend graduate school once I graduate! And I already suffered through that awful 13 years of public school. Besides, accumulating extra debt through loans is not where most of us want to be years from now so let’s hope someone fixes this scheduling mishap before I go Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!

Erin is a Mass Communications student at Towson University studying Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations. She is the Editor-In-Chief, Campus Correspondent and President of Her Campus Towson. Erin has been writing for Her Campus Towson since fall 2011 and worked as an intern for Sister 2 Sister Magazine in summer 2013. She competed in the 2012 Miss Maryland USA pageant and has since done some print modeling as a hobby. 

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