November Dorm of the Month



Its time for the November dorm/ appartment of the month! This months featured room is Kaitlyn Martinaitis’s room in Towson Place Apartments . She is an exercise science and pre physical-therapy major.


Kaitlyn has a lovely light on her desk with cute flower designs. “It’s really calming and perfect light for when it’s late and I’m tired and I just want to chill out in my room," she said. She bought it at IKEA, noting that it was inexpensive. Proper lighting is an important accessory in any room, and is often left out of the equation when people are furnishing their dorms and apartments. Adjustable lights are a great way to get the perfect amount of light.  Lighting may seem like a boring part of your room, but having the right lighting can help you study, relax, etc.


Multitasking furniture is a must if you don’t have a lot of space and want to stay organized. Kaitlyn bought this TV stand at IKEA as well. Not only does Kaitlyn use the stand for her T.V, she also uses it to store her school books and printer, BONUS! Kaitlyn seems to have a few things from IKEA, and I totally understand why. IKEA always has reasonable prices that give you a great value for your money. Also, wandering through their seemingly endless store is tons of fun and has lots of cool furniture and room accessories to check out. Last time I went to IKEA was with my boyfriend (he actually liked going to IKEA…I think). I bought about 50 tea light candles and glass holders for only a few dollars. Random I know, but they smelled good and came in handy when my family lost power for a week during the derecho this summer that hit my neighborhood in Montgomery County really hard. If you didn’t know, there’s an IKEA in Baltimore only about ten minutes away.


Having some matching room accessories is definitely a plus. Kaitlyn’s Passion Pit poster matches her bedspread. Both are pink, brown, and silver. Having a general color combination palette for your room is fun, but sometimes going out of your way to make your room matchy matchy isn’t any fun and isn’t worth the time. I think Kaitlyn balances the color in her room perfectly. Also, never be afraid if your cozy blankets cover up your cute comforter, you know they’re so worth it…


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