Campus Fashionistas: Elizabeth Eckley and Audra Cappelli

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(From left to right)

Name: Elizabeth Eckley

Year: Freshman

Major: Art Education

Favorite Store: Forever 21

Favorite Fall Trend: combat boots


Name: Audra Cappelli

Year: Freshman

Major: Art and Design

Favorite Store: Urban Outfitters

Favorite Fall Trend: Scarves and layers!

These two friends stay cute and cozy with their chunky scarves and tall boots. Elizabeth adds a feminine touch to this combat boot look with her adorable bow headband!

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My name is Christine Long. I am a senior at Towson University studying to become an art teacher. I am currently the Arts Director and Secretary for Her Campus Towson. This will be my third year working on the HC team and I am excited to continue working for the group!

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