Gift Guide: Dad


He’s the one guy that has always been there for you. He’s the one that watches over you, makes you laugh, protects you, teases you in good fun, and would do absolutely anything for you. Show your dad (or that father figure in your life) how much you care by checking out these affordable (because let’s face it, we college girls are on a budget) gift ideas for this holiday season!

It always seems like dads (or guys in general) are so hard to buy for because every one has his own distinctive tastes and interests. Whether your dad is sporty, rough and tough, the handy man, or the business aficionado, we have gift ideas for all!

The Outdoorsy Dad: If your old man is the outdoor adventurer type that doesn’t mind waking up in a tent out in the middle of the woods. Or if he is the type that enjoys the simple pleasures of nature and hiking, consider these gifts:

“Gone Fishing” Gift Basket

Supply him with everything he needs for an impromptu fishing trip, containing snacks, a thermos, extra line, bobbers, bate, a pocketknife, a fishing pole, and whatever else he may need for a long day on the lake.

Price: $20 - $50 (depending what you add to the basket)

Hammock in a Bag

This fun, easy, and compact gift is ideal for camping or just setting up in the backyard. It’s more comfortable to sleep on than the ground, and is quick to set up on the go.

Price: about $30 on

Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Kit

This is a 15-piece survival kit built for hostile environments. It fits in his pack and has everything he’d need—including miniature multi-tools, a fire starter, wire cutters, knife, waterproof matches, and so on. Help your dad tackle the woods Bear Grylls style!

Price: $55 at L.L. Bean

Plant Guide Book

Books like “Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not So Wild) Places” are useful tools to help him find and identify over 500 plants and which to utilize and which to avoid.

Price: $15 at


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