Homecoming Queen Paige Evans


Paige Evans, a senior from San Diego was crowned Homecoming Queen this year! Read below to gain some insight into SMU's reigning Queen.

Congrats on winning Paige! How did it feel to hear your name be called in Ford Stadium?

I felt both honored and surprised because there were so many highly qualified candidates. I had an overwhelming feeling of appreciation for all of the people that dedicated their time to the Homecoming effort and particularly to those people who were kind enough to vote for me.

What was your favorite part about the entire Homecoming experience?

I really enjoyed participating in the parade and seeing all the pageantry and enthusiasm from everyone involved in the entire process.

 During the Q&A during Rock the Vote, you said your fridge would be filled with anything Red Velvet. What is your favorite “Red Velvet” thing to eat?

Red Velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles! I crave them at all hours of the day.


 If you had to change one thing about the Homecoming week, what would it be? Would you add anything or take anything away?

Honestly, SMU Student Foundation did such an incredible job! I really wouldn’t change a thing.

What are you plans for after you graduate? Do you want to stay in Dallas?

I plan on staying in Dallas and working in the advertising or sales industry while continuing to dedicate a portion of my time to charity efforts involving young children in need.

 What is your favorite memory at SMU?

Snow week was so much fun! The whole SMU community bonded and the campus looked beautiful covered in snow.

 What is your favorite place around Dallas?

The Theta house! 

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