Ask A Guy: When should we take the relationship to the next level?

With Valentine’s Day come and gone, and after surviving Spring Break, that puppy love attraction you had for that special someone has hopefully developed into a solid foundation, and you’ve now found yourself in a relationship. Congratulations! Now it’s time for a more complex issue, how long should you wait before you enter the physical part of the relationship
You’re probably wondering, “If I give it up too soon he won’t respect me” or “Guys these days won’t wait long, all they is want sex." You might be worried that if you wait too long he’ll just cheat on you. The real question is how long is too long or too short? This gives me a headache just writing it so I can only imagine what it’s like on the other side of the fence. Let me be the first to dispel the rumors that he won’t respect you or he’ll just cheat on you. Believe me, that is not the case. What you have to remember is that you two are in a relationship that’s not built on sex (hopefully) but one where there’s a mutual respect, affection (not to be confused with attraction), TRUST and friendship.

Now if you guys started having sex before hand or just jumped into the relationship, good luck to that lasting more than six months. But if you’re wondering how long is too long, I always tell my girl-friends this: the longer he stays around with just passionate kisses, nibbles on the ear or those random cuddle nights, the more he’s into you. That’s where that trust factor comes into play. If you trust him you won’t have to worry about him cheating on you. But you’re young, and hormonal, so waiting long might not be an option for you. So my advice is to wait six months. Why? Because it gives you time to get through the honeymoon stage, have your fights and disagreements and still the chance to end the relationship if you realize you two dont work without already having the bond of a sexual relationship.