12 Things I Learned from the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Trailer

It has finally happened, we finally got to see the first trailer for the much anticipated Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. And if you’re anything like me you’ve already watched it about 10 times since it was released on Tuesday. After watching it I’ve learned a few things about the revival.

1. Neither Lorelai nor Rory are pregnant

There was a rumor circulating recently that one of the girls was pregnant because there was an apple in a promotional photo, which made many fans remember season 5 episode 21 when Lorelai has a pregnancy scare and craves apples, just like when she was pregnant with Rory. But if you watch the trailer close enough you’ll notice that they show clips from all four seasons featured in the revival and neither of the leading ladies are sporting any sort of bump.

2. Eating crazy unhealthy foods and watching movies is still an acceptable way to spend your evening

During the first clip of the trailer we see Lorelai and Rory discussing the evening before. They list all the food they ate and debate what movie they watched.

3. They still love their pop culture reference

Within the first 30 seconds of the trailer they begin dropping pop culture references as often as a college student thinks about dropping out. We’ll have to watch the revival many times to catch them all.

4. Stars Hollow is still as quaint as ever.

The whole time I was watching the trailer I wanted to drop everything and go to Stars Hollow, or at least drive the one hour and tenish minutes to the Connecticut town that Stars Hollow is based on, Washington Depot.

5. Luke and Lorelai are living together?

Okay so this isn’t a definite but there was a clip where Luke was making dinner in the Gilmore’s kitchen. And let’s be honest after 9 years they’re probably, finally, living together in the house that Luke helped Lorelai remodel.

6. Richard’s Death will be a big part of the story line

As if we didn’t already know this from what everyone who is working on the show has been saying, Richard’s death will be a HUGE part of the show. At least if the wall sized portrait of him is any indication.

7. Kirk is officially part of the Gilmore Family.

Okay maybe not but he was at Friday Night Dinner, so he has to have an in somehow. Also, he’s just as quirky as ever.

8. Dinning room chairs bring Emily Gilmore no joy.

If you watched the trailer you know what I’m talking about.

9. Jess and Rory has some sort of relationship

For all you Rory and Jess shippers out there, Jess got the biggest amount of screen time of all of Rory’s former suitors during the trailer. He and Rory seemed to be having a somewhat serious conversation and he seems to be very supportive. Jess is speaking almost best friend like, and you know what they say, the best boyfriends are your best friend. After the trailer I'm feeling Rory and Jess shippers will be the winners of this ship war. 

10. Dean and Rory are definitely getting closure

Dean has like two seconds of screen time which shows him walking out of Doose's Market. In my opinion he looks happy, like he’s looking back at Rory with a look of peace  after multiple heartbreaks between the two.

11. Sookie is there

Anyone remember that time where it was rumored that Melissa McCarthy had gotten no invite to return to Stars Hollow? Well she’s most definitely there and in the most Sookie way possible.

12. So many of our favorites are returning.

 We saw clips of so many of Stars Hallow, and Yale’s, most famous residents like Miss Patty, Taylor, Lane, Logan (side note: Why did he barely get a flash of screen time? Does that mean he’s not the one?), and Paris.

Those are the twelve things I’ve learned (so far) from the trailer. But I’m guessing I will continue to watch the trailer about 1,000 more times before November 25th and come up with another bunch of theories and facts.

A super senior (without the super powers) at Southern Connecticut State University studying Liberal Studies (Media Studies, Creative Writing and Communication). I have a love for Disney, blogging and planning.

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