Brittany's Beauty Blog: Must-Have Bags for all Occasions!

Fall is easily my favorite season. I feel we all become a little more creative with our outfits and put a little bit more effort into what we put on our backs each day, just because fall clothing is simply so beautiful! As much as I love clothing, bags tend to reach the top of my list. After searching around for some of my personal favorites, these bags below are great for different occasions!

1. ‘Blatice’ Handbag ($98)
For a more sophisticated look, this bag is essential for all occasions. Steve Madden also offers this bag in a grey color if black isn’t your fancy. I love the texture on the bag. It gives it a little something that stands out more than a plain texture would. Plus, the options of the small handle verses long makes it versatile.

2. Sondra Roberts Ruffle Clutch ($89.90)
My favorite handbag of all time: the clutch! I feel this is the equivalent to the ‘little black dress’. It’s perfect for weddings, going out to fancy restaurants, or just a night out on the town! The ruffles on this bag are a perfect combination of feminine and classy!

3. Faux Fur Shoulder Bag ($59.90)
As fur seems to make a comeback this fall, Express offers a bold new look to keep up with the trending fashion! I love the size of this bag. Sometimes you just don’t want to have to carry a large bag. So whether you are going on a date or just off to the mall with the girls, this shoulder bag will keep you in style!

After writing this blog, I’m sure I will be looking up handbags all night (instead of being productive)! My mom did say to start making a Christmas list. Perhaps I can start doing that a few months early! Happy shopping HC readers!

Until next time & with much love,
Brittany Cole