Deanna Krolowitz

By Joe Manganiello

The bubbly, smiley Deanna Krolowitz is a premiere member of the cheerleading team, a peer leader on campus and an active writing student. What the students of Oswego may not know about Deanna, however, is her passion for exploration, music and New York City.

Name: Deanna Krolowitz

Class: 2014

Age: 20

Relationship Status: Single

Major: Journalism

Minor: Creative writing

Did you always imagine yourself cheerleading in college? I didn’t think I’d be a cheerleader here. But I decided to join the team in my first semester and loved it. I moved in with six girls who were mostly from the team this year, actually. I am really excited for our team trip to Daytona in April. It’s always an amazing time.

What is your favorite part of the SUNY Oswego campus? I am obsessed with the lake. I just jump in the lake all the time. I stayed (in Oswego) this past summer as a peer leader for the EOP program. It was great being up here in the summer because I am an outdoors freak. I love just walking around and exploring.

What did you do with EOP? I mentored the incoming freshman students along with just seven other peer leaders. There was a very tough interview process to get the job. But we played interactive games with the students and it was the most fun job I have ever had. I became very close with my co-workers.

Where are you from? I’m from Binghamton, NY. It will be great to see my older brother and sister who will be home for the holidays.

What is your favorite thing to do - besides jumping into Lake Ontario? I love going to concerts. I saw Dave Matthews Band - my favorite – at Saratoga Springs this past summer with my sister and high school friends. I also attended Electric Zoo, my first music festival in New York City this past summer with my siblings.

Do you find yourself visiting the city often? Yes, definitely. I love Spring St. because it’s a great area for shopping. And I’m going back to the city with my brother and sister after the holidays to see my favorite DJs Dada Life on New Year’s Eve. One of the many perks of having siblings who live in the city.

What do you see yourself doing in the future? I want to get involved with the magazine industry, with Seventeen Magazine as my dream job. I’d also love being a social media rep too. I love Twitter and blogging. I want to get myself out there.



Joe Manganiello is a junior and a double major in journalism and cinema/screen studies. He calls play-by-play for Oswego State men's basketball, is the assistant sports editor of the Oswegonian and enjoys screenwriting and recreational basketball.

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