The Scripps Statue

                                                             (Photo Courtesy of the Scripps Statue's Twitter Feed)



Since joining Twitter at the beginning of the school year of 2011, the
Scripps Statue that greets students at the amphitheater entrance of
Scripps hall has gathered over 1,000 followers. The Statue offers
quips about what is seen and heard in the entrance of Scripps Hall.
There is much mystery surrounding the statue and the tweets, but
there is no arguing that he is the most popular statue on campus.
You can follow Scripps Statue on Twitter here.
Her Campus Ohio U: How long have you been greeting students at
the entrance of Scripps?
Scripps Statue: I’m too old to remember when exactly I was created,
but I have been with Scripps students in spirit since the school
HCOU: You're such a beautiful bust! Who are you modeled after?
SS: Edward Willis “E.W.” Scripps. You can call me E-dubs.
HCOU: When and why did you decided to dive into the world of
SS: I overhear some crazy things in Scripps Hall. And I have a lot of
brilliant ideas. However, for years I’ve been unable to share because
I cannot speak. With the invention and popularity of Twitter, I realized
I had an avenue to share my musings with the world.
HCOU: You have almost a thousand followers, are you surprised how
popular your thoughts have become?
SS: I’m surprised I don’t have more. I’m really funny.
HCOU: When you're not tweeting, what do you do in your free time?
SS: I enjoy spending time on my yacht and then coming in at the end
of the day for romantic sunsets along the water’s edge.
HCOU: Why is rubbing your nose good luck for Students?
SS: I have never made a grammatical error in my life, and I’ve aced
every test I’ve ever taken. If students can obtain just a small portion
of my aura, they will be able to accomplish amazing things.
HCOU: People send in pictures of them giving you gifts, what is your
favorite gift to receive?
SS: Goodfella’s pizza. And one young lady sent a pic of her kissing
me…while I was flattered, I have to imagine there were some germs
from all the people who rub me.
HCOU: Is there a missus Scripps?
SS: Many other statues are interested, but nothing concrete.
Certainly nothing set in stone.
HCOU: So, I notice you don't have any hands, so we here at Her
Campus are curious, how do you tweet? Superior nose power? Or do
you have an assistant that helps tweet for you?
SS: Siri.

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