Kyla Reads: Fifty Shades of Grey


We have all heard about this infamous novel to grace bookstore shelves and appeal to the
likes of women everywhere. From squealing high school girls to married, middle aged
women, Fifty Shades of Grey is now a household name that can make any female experience
feelings from confusion to a giddy lust for a make-believe man.
For me, Fifty Shades of Grey caused my face to turn fifty shades of crimson. The sexual
dalliances illustrated in this book were at times too much to handle, what with them giving
insight into the dominant, submissive relationship, and the fact that there was a sex scene
about every five pages didn’t help. I feign to think what the movie will be like. Glorified
porno? It’s definitely possible. However, will that stop me from seeing it? Nope. I will admit
it, the book had a certain allure to it. Even though the writing was sub-par, you somehow
get invested in the characters and keep rooting for a relationship that normally would be
deemed toxic.
The confusion for me lies not only in the writing, but in the character of Christian Grey.
Firstly, how does this author get revered for her work when in reality her writing is a string
of repetitive words and phrases? If I had a nickel for every time she said “inner goddess”
I would be as rich as she is. Where is the creativity? Oh right, all of that was reserved
for the sex scenes. Secondly, the character of Christian Grey is one messed up specimen,
yet women readers are falling head over heels for his dominant, controlling demeanor
mistaking it for passion and the result of his troubled past.
Confusion aside, I would still recommend this book to my friends if not to satisfy some
curiosity then for its laughable nature. It will have your “inner goddess” thoroughly
entertained. Happy blushing!

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