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11 Stages of a Breakup

Posted Feb 1 2014 - 11:25pm
Tagged With: breakup

1. You have to say goodbye.

2. You're sad.  You just lost your best friend that you spent all of your time with and made so many fun memories with.

3. You realize you're free to do whatever and whoever you want.

4. You're at the bar and hear one of ‘your’ songs and all of a sudden you miss him.

5. But then some hot guy starts paying attention to you.

6. And then you're like "I'm single and ready to mingle"

7. But you wake up the next morning realizing nobody's there to kiss you good morning except your stuffed animal your ex won for you.

8. So you spend all day in bed crying and watching Netflix.

9. Your bff calls to get dinner at the dining hall, so you go and load up on ice cream.

10. Your friends know just what to say to make you feel better.

11. You eventually realize you're an independent woman who don't need no man. Unless you want one, then you know, go for it.


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