Four Lip Colors that will turn heads this season


Fall is a time of change, a time to shake it up a bit and try things you normally wouldn’t. It is a time to be bolder and edgier, in everything from the clothing you wear to the lip colors you choose. This fall, lips that pop are not only everywhere, but the essential staple that can pull together or liven up any average look. Here are four lip colors that have made their way from the runway to your everyday wardrobe.


1. Bright Red Lipstick


I am talking head turning, fire truck engine red. This look will spice up any outfit and is an easy way to stand out in a crowd while still looking elegant. Dress it up and wear it out or keep it simple and wear it to class. This look especially compliments those with fair skin tones.


2.  Wine


If you are looking to add an edgier element to any look, this burgundy color is the way to go. This adds a modern sophisticated look to any outfit. This is the color of the season, not only for lips, but clothing and accessories too. For a more intense look, try it in matte, or put a small amount of lip-gloss on to lighten up.


3. Dark blood red


Nothing compliments a little black dress more than a pair of dark red lips. This sophisticated and classy look is perfect for anyone looking to dress up an evening outfit. It is a great way to make any look hotter without going overboard.


4. A pop of pink



Looking to liven up your look and add a bit of fun? Try a vibrant pink you'll be sure to turn heads. To keep this lipstick from looking like too much, wear with minimal makeup and apply chapstick before and after you put it on.