Alex Wagner

Recently, we sat down with Alex Wagner and talked about juggling school and extracurricular activities. Alex, a native of Palmyra, is the president of the Inter-Fraternal Council at Millersville and a member of Lambda Chi Alpha. He is also this week's Campus Celebrity!

Major: Computer Science

Year: Senior

Siblings: 1 sister, 27

Parents' occupation: My mom works for Hallmark as a vendor and my dad is the Vice President of Operations and Lending at the Hershey Federal Credit Union

Do you hold any positions in your fraternity? I have previously held the positions of Recruitment Chair my sophomore year and Vice President/Philanthropy Chair my junior year.  I am currently Standards Chair.

As an incoming freshman, did you think you'd join a fraternity? In all honesty, I didn't think I would. They say that out of all of the people who go to college, 10% will almost never join a fraternity, 80% are on the fence, and 10% will most definitely join a fraternity. I went from being the 10% who would never join to joining without even noticing.

What activities does Lambda Chi sponsor or take part in?  Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity holds the North American Food Drive annually across America and Canada to collect canned food to donate to food banks and rescue missions.  Every year we raise hundreds of thousands of pounds of food and those numbers are steadily growing. We also hold Buzz-a-Chi every spring semester to help a child in the Lancaster area that's in need of money for medicine or we donate the money to a charity of their choice.  It's the biggest philanthropy event that we do each year raising $3,000+ dollars.

What are one to three things that your experience in Lambda Chi has taught you? You learn in Lambda Chi Alpha that only after you accept the good, the bad, and everything in between about yourself can you start growing as a person.  It's helped me get a new perspective on life and dealing with the things it has to throw at me.  Brotherhood isn't just a word, it means something that words just can't describe.

What is the Inter-Fraternal Council's responsibilities? It is in place to govern and police the fraternities that are part of the North-American Inter-Fraternal Council.  

What are your duties as IFC president?  My duties as president include running the meetings, making sure that each officer is fulfilling his responsibilities, organize philanthropy events, and help support the success of each fraternity on campus.

Why did you want to be IFC president? I wanted to become IFC president because I had a vision about where I could take this council and I wanted to accomplish it.  Also, ever since I joined Lambda Chi Alpha I've always expressed an interest in working with the other fraternities on campus to help us grow.  I realized that overall growth of fraternities will be directly related to the growth of my chapter.

What are some things you do in your free time? When I'm not hanging out in the Cyber Cafe between classes and studying I'm usually at lunch or dinner with Brothers, working on Lambda Chi and IFC stuff, or playing my guilty pleasure...World of Warcraft.

Do you have a bucket list? What are a few items on your list? Why are they on your list?  I think I would consider my list a bucket list.  I want to go sky diving, travel to Spain and Japan, go to a World Cup, and then retire to Florida and be that old guy who works at Disney World who doesn't have a care in the world.  It's not that exciting, but they were just stuff I wanted to do as a kid.  A lot of stuff that I wanted to do I've already accomplished!

Is there anything else you would like to share?  I'm actually a really friendly person.  If you see me on campus feel free to say hi.  Also, Go Greek!