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We've all been there, waking up on a sunday morning with last nights eyeliner smeared down your face, wearing the dress from the night before, and feeling like your liver will explode. It's college, it happens. Lehigh has the unofficial motto of being a "work hard, play hard" institution. You could totally justify going hard for three nights (and saturday morning mocos) in a row because you rocked that psych test, and got an A on your english paper. However, waking up this sunday is particularly rough. So how do you get back into the swing of things? Here are 10 ways to recover after a weekend that was a little too much fun.

1. Hit the gym!
You have a killer hangover and running on the treadmill seems like the last thing that you are interested in doing right now. But, you have consumed way more calories than usual this weekend, Work off the 100 calories that a usual shot consists of this sunday. It might be difficult at first but, you will feel a lot better after you spend an hour at Taylor Gym. Regular exercise releases endorphins and as Elle Woods puts it "Endorphins make you happy," Working out will increase your physical as well as emotional health.

2. Go to Starbucks
The extra caffeine will help you get your head in the game. You probably have a huge course load for the coming week so why not start early with a cup of coffee? It might be a little expensive but splurge on yourself, you deserve it.

3. Paint your nails
Galavanting around sweaty basement parties and frat houses could lead to a few bumps and bruises. Your nails probably didn't make it out in one piece. So use this day to give yourself a manicure. Get a group of girls together and beautify yourselves! Looking down at chipped nails sucks, having a fresh coat will make you look and feel better.

4. Untag yourself
For some reason you thought that it was socially acceptable to take a picture while funneling beer the night before. This is never okay. You're friends with your grandma on Facebook, what would she say? Do some damage control and delete these less than classy Facebook muploads before your sweet grandma knows the truth about what you're doing at night. Text the friend that uploaded and kindly ask her to remove the picture. No one wants something this embarrassing floating around in cyberspace.

5. Don't Text
If last nights dance floor make out wants to contact you he will make it happen. Don't text him explaining how you don't usually behave this way. Let's be honest, you do and it's okay. It's college, these things happen. There are loads of other boys out there, don't dwell on the fraternity hottie that you're sure you had a "connection" with. A text message won't prompt him to claim his undying love towards you. Don't be that clingy girl.

6. Get work done
Going out three days in a row probably left little time for doing homework. Get back on track by finishing assignments due monday and even work ahead. Doing work will make you feel a lot better about your less than productive weekend. Remember, you're at school to get a degree. Don't disappoint your parents, finish your assignments and contact your professor with questions about the impossible essay you were just assigned. Make a schedule of the studying you have to do and cross things off when you've finished a task. This will make you feel satisfied that you're time was spent wisely.

7. Do your laundry
So someone spilled beer on your favorite party dress? Don't let it sit in your laundry basket, it will definitely stink up your dorm room. Wash the night off of your dress and the other clothes that have inevitably stacked up throughout the week. While you're at it, change your sheets. You slept in them after a night of raging and probably did not shower before you went to bed. Wash your sheets and make your bed nicely, it will be clean and cozy next time you get into bed.

8. Get Plenty of Sleep
Do yourself a favor on this day of rest and get some sleep! Drinking and getting to bed past 3 am is not the best combination. Try to go to sleep on the same day that you woke up. It's a simple way to be refreshed for your monday morning 7:55 lab. Going hard will screw up your sleeping pattern, get yourself back on track and try for 8 hours of sleep. You'll feel a lot better after a good night sleep.

9. Learn from your mistakes
Don't wallow in self pity it's a waste of your time. Get together with your bestie and recount your weekend exploits. Doing this might make you feel bad, but this gut feeling is an indicator that you should change your behavior for the coming weekend. You cannot redo the past but can make smarter and better decisions in the future. Retelling stories will help you learn for next time. Don't sweat it, we've all had one of those nights.

10. Go to Class
Go to class on monday! College is expensive, and missing a class is honestly not worth it. It's a waste of your parents money. Even if your saturday night DFMO (dance floor make out) sits in the row in back of you, go to class. Not going to class just proves that you're embarrassed about your actions. Own it. Go to class and get an education, that should be your first priority at Lehigh. 

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