Be a Ray of Sunshine in Rainy Leeds.

I love living in Leeds. It’s a great city, there are fabulous universities, great nights out and a recent study shows it’s home to the largest number of independent restaurants and bars in the UK - well, we knew it was edgy! But in exchange for the surplus of yummy eateries, it seems Leeds is one of the rainiest places to live in the UK! It rains every two and a half days at least…If that’s not depressing I don’t know what is. I love sunshine, so why am I still wearing a puffa jacket, scarf and gloves at the end of March- it’s not because I want to feature on the infamous Instagram ‘dat puffa’, that’s for sure. 

If you’re anything like me, you'll agree this dismal weather actually gets you down. It’s depressing, you don’t want to get up and revise, you don’t want to hit the gym and get that summer bod, you just want to sit inside and perpetuate your ever so British stereotype by complaining about how it’s raining and cold. 

Now I know nothing can make up for real wonderful summer and sunshine but I’ve compiled a little list of things to hopefully make you feel that little bit better in our cold, rainy city.


  1. Fake Tan- okay so this might sound silly, and up until recently I’d never been one to fake tan, mainly because I’m lazy but also because I worry it looks orange and tacky. But honestly, I gave it a bash and it made me feel A LOT better about myself. Looking in the mirror and seeing yourself with a bit of a glow does wonders for your confidence and mood.


   2. Shave your legs- I regularly have to convince myself that I’m girl, not gruffalo because I don’t see the point in de-hairing if I’m going to be covered up but lo-and-behold smooth skin              does actually make you feel fresh and fabulous.



    3. Clean your room- there’s something about having a tidy, clean room that makes you feel like you’ve got your life together. Don’t just move your clothes of the floor and empty your bin        but actually give it a good clean. I don’t know if it’s just me but my drawers look like a jumble sale, so go all out; fold your clothes and put them in order, actually hoover, change your              bedding and light some candles. You’ll feel ready to sieze the day. Have a read about Feng Shui- it works.   



4. Get the summer bangers on- make yourself a good playlist, if you’re sat listening to depressing, slow songs then you’re never going to feel motivated to do anything. Put some banging holiday tunes on and you’ll be up and moving in no time.


5. Summery food- Step away from the comforting fry up and whip up a summer smoothie; you can get bags of frozen fruit really cheap and add a few dollops of yoghurt or your choice of milk for a tasty summer treat. Why stop there? Get some nice summer snacks have some strawberries and cream- hell, go all out, and host a tea party for you and your friends! Good revision break and nothing says British summer like finger sandwiches (plus you definitely get Prossecco at tea parties, right?).With all of this, your glowing fake tan and summer playlist you’ll feel like it’s 30 degrees. 


6. BOOK A HOLIDAY!!- Even if you’re skint, find a cheap get away and head abroad. Trust me, even holiday browsing will make you feel so much better and having a holiday to look forward to just makes life that little bit brighter. Not to say you shouldn’t live in the moment but having something to look forward to will motivate you to get your work done and go to the gym. Not to mention that booking a holiday means holiday clothes shopping…!


I know none of these things could ever replace a scorching sunny day but they’ll make you feel that little bit less depressed about the cold, rainy days we’re seeing this March.


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