The XY Files: You Are NOT What You Eat

Tonight is date night. You feel that rush of nervous-excitement, constantly checking your hair and face for any slight imperfection. He’s taking you to a great restaurant. As you read over the menu, that little voice in your head screams reasons why every choice is a bad one. “Don’t get chicken wings, he’ll think you’re a slob.” “Don’t get a burger, he’ll think you’re a pig.” “Don’t even think about dessert, he’ll think you’re fat.”
Ladies, trust me when I say that there is only one thing he will be thinking about: “Me hungry! Me want food!”
Clearly men don’t think in cavemen lingo, or at least most of them don’t, but I can assure you that on a date, he will likely be more concerned with his own stomach than with your meal choice. One of my undercover sources so eloquently stated: “When I’m hungry, I inhale my food. I don’t pay attention to what she eats or doesn’t eat.”
All too often we find ourselves caught up in calorie counting. While I am not here to discourage healthy living, I am here to say that we don’t have to do it out of concern for what boys may think. By all means, eat that salad, but don’t be afraid to chow down on your favorite foods. Another male source told me: “I would much rather date a girl who will order something off the menu based on how good it sounds and not how many calories it contains.” Guys like girls who can be real and honest in front of them, and that includes what you eat.
“I love a girl who can eat more than me.” If that’s not reassurance, I don’t know what is. Ladies, we need to understand that guys simply don’t care, or notice, what we eat. Eating almost nothing will not impress anyone, that and it just isn’t healthy. Most guys are attracted to girls with a strong appetite who don’t go overboard. Be yourself, order what you want. Don’t restrict yourself just because of what your date may think. In my opinion, if he’s judging you based on the food you eat, he’s got problems of his own.
So go ahead, order that juicy burger with a side of fries. And don’t forget the ice cream sundae for dessert.
Eat your heart out,
Double X