Fun and Flirty Date Outfits for the Fall Season

Although it might be starting to feel like the winter season, it is still autumn. With the fall season still in swing, there are lots of fun fall dates to experience. Here is a list of some date suggestions as well as outfits that will guarantee a good time between you and your guy.


Coffee Date Outfit

Coffee dates are great for first dates. It's a casual atmosphere, cheap, and trendy. When he sees you in this outfit, he'll be hot and bothered and I don't think it will be the coffee. This outfit will show your sexiness without trying too hard. The dark red is in fashion for the fall, so the red flats and lips will be a great touch. Plus, your outfit will make the red stand out. Beware because he'll be focusing on you and your red lips the whole time.




"Just a girl trying new things!"

Brigit Bauma was born in South/Central New Jersey on a farm of all things! Now she always knew that she wasn't born for the farm life, but she gained some great experiences from growing up on one. She wouldn't trade it for the world. She graduated in the top 10 of her high school and recieved the NJSTARS scholarship to go to her community college and earn her Associates degree. Brigit at first went for Nursing, but through a hard semester, found that even though she enjoyed the people and helping others, it was not for her. Always a lover of the arts, Brigit tried out for the musical and got cast as a minor role, which was huge! This helped her find that she wanted to pursue a degree in the arts. Brigit graduated with her Associates in English and Theater. She also earned a 3.75 gpa which qualified her for the NJSTARSII scholarship which she can use to go to a 4 year public school in New Jersey and get her Bachelors degree. Because Brigit wishes to pursue an editing job for a publishing company or magazine, she decided to go to Kean which is close to the city and she can hop on a train right by her school! Brigit has lots of cougar pride and would love to share her love for the arts, fashion, boys, and college experience with everyone!

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