Beauty: Get Your Nails Ready for the Holidays

Winter nail polish is as much a fashion statement as sweaters, scarves and stacked bracelets. Last week I headed over to Campus Nails and asked for their most holiday inspired manicure. The results? An ultra-glam manicure that made my fingers feel fabulous, and for $15, my wallet agrees!

Not only are sparkly flakes, deep hues and textured polishes a great way to stay on trend during the holidays, they’re also an affordable way to jazz up your look during the cold winter months. Whether you want to take a visit to your local nail salon or experiment with polishes yourself, here are some things to keep in mind to have the chicest nails this winter!

All That Glitters is Gold

We must let go of the myth that glitter nail polish was only acceptable during third grade slumber parties. Glitter has been and always will be a trend that reigns supreme. If you’re willing to splurge, check out Deborah Lippmann’s line of glitter polishes. These shades glisten in the light and never fail to impress. Try to get your hands on an amazing, limited-addition polish this season. You won’t regret it!

Winter Inspired Designs

When it comes to winter designs, just about anything you can make goes. The trick is for the design to look clean and not messy. Want a fool proof way to make sure a look goes right? Try a snowflake design. They’re simple to paint, and it’s like having a portable snow globe on your finger.  So much easier than Santa’s reindeer or a menorah, this is a fun and creative way to achieve the holiday look.

Dark Pigments

While you still can never go wrong with black nails, this winter deep cranberries, midnight blues and emerald greens are on trend. These dark colors go well with any ensemble or fabric texture. They’re also simple yet so sophisticated.

Seriously Powerful Topcoat: Seiche Vite

Attention: this is by far the best topcoat on the market and a must-have for your nail polish collection. Seiche Vite dries incredibly fast and works to bond with your nail bed so that your nails stay chip-free. As one of the toughest topcoats out there, Seiche Vite is especially great for DIY-manicure enthusiasts.

Nail Polish Crush Line: Demi Lovato, “The New Black”

One of my favorite celebrity collaborations this season is Demi Lovato’s nail polish line, The New Black. These sets make a bold statement but also are neutral enough to complement any outfit. A highlight of the collection includes Safari, a five-piece kit with dark metallic shades and brush on foil. Look no further than Lovato’s Instagram account for a sneak peek. Her nail game is always on-point and just what you need for some nail inspiration. The starlet’s kits are available in Ulta stores now, just in time for the holidays!

When it comes to winter nail art, mixing and matching is always a good thing. During the holiday months you deserve nothing less then luxury, so why shouldn’t your nails?