Lindsay's Fashion Blog: The U-G-L-Y Christmas Sweater

First semester is finally complete! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done, or a big slap for a wakeup call because Christmas is right around the corner. Rest easy and get ready to be reunited with family and friends back at home. Christmas break is the time to relax and spend some time with those you love; then to start partying again.

I’m sure many of you have attended an ugly Christmas sweater party at school where most went to their Mothers closets and grabbed the fugliest sweater ever. But don’t stop this party at school continue it back at home, maybe even have a contest for the ugliest one. Pictures please! These sweaters are riddled with greens, bells, reindeers, and itchy material that make the average person gag. Is it weird that I cherish my Christmas sweater dearly? And upon buying it I stated I would wear it even too class? I think not! I just have a special place in my heart for weird pieces of clothing.

My first encounter with an ugly Christmas party was last year and I forgot my sweater back at home and so I turned to my own closet. For the record, nothing in my closet is ugly but I had a few sweaters that were potential for this party. I let my roommates’ wear one of them and I wore my holiday themed sweater. I just didn’t know how to wear it. Luckily the sweater I had was oversized, so I paired it with tights, combat boots and my favorite knit scarf. I got a few compliments on my sweater and thus my night was made!

So how do you wear an ugly Christmas sweater and make it look less ugly? If you choose to do so it is quite simple. Hello, confidence! If you’re going to wear a sweater knitted by the elves themselves you might want to be able to pull it off. Seeing as though it is December I suggest no flats, I mean unless you want your feet to freeze. High heeled boots or flat boots preferably will keep your feet warm and your girlfriends will not have to hear you complain all night from your feet hurting. Any bottoms of your choice, leggings, jeans, skirts, any of those work to make your sweater look better!