Studying in Style: Annabel Enquist

It seems that every afternoon we face the ridiculous non-struggle of what to wear to the library. The desired balance of being comfortable and looking effortless, despite the number of legging and sweater combos we try on, feels unattainable at times. Meet the Art History and Econ major, whose library look is the perfect blend of style and study. 

Name: Annabel Enquist

Major: Art History and Economics

Favorite study spot on campus: Hands down the Reading Room! I like that I can go with my friends and still be productive since there's no talking. Also, I feel like I'm in Hogwarts in there LOL!

Personal style: Crazy, I like bright colors, and prints! Especially hot pink!

Must have "study-buddy": Music, which I like to listen through my magenta Beats by Dr. Dre headphones that match my iPad case ;-)

Go-to library outfit: Anything with lots of layers, so I can stay warm! 

Annabel showcases a beautiful color palette of pink, gold, and beige from her clothing to accessories. The warmth of the Tazo tea harbored inside of its beige to-go cup compliments the entire ensemble. It may still be dreary and much chillier than we remembered our last Atlanta winter, but thankfully Annabel’s golden glow and pinky hues brightened up the Reading Room. Finally, Annabel’s library look is truly pulled together by the perfectly pink color coordination of her studying essentials.

Happy styling. Happy studying. 

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