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While most people’s summers consist of going to baseball games, one DePauw student was able to be a part of them. Sophomore Mary Kate Etling worked as an On-Field Entertainer, or as the team liked to call her, a “Rexciter”. Her Campus sat down with Mary Kate to find out more about this great opportunity.

Her Campus: So what exactly did you do this summer?

Mary Kate: I worked for the Terre Haute Rex, a collegiate summer baseball team in my hometown. My position was the on-field entertainment, where I would go onto the field between innings and try to pump up the crowd, and also bring kids and adults out to play games!

HC: Wow! That sounds like so much fun! How did you find out about it?

MK: Last summer I attended the majority of the games and became extremely interested in doing something involving both sports and being around a lot of people!

HC: What was your favorite part of the job?

MK: I loved being able to do something that I really enjoy, while also getting to watch the baseball games! I was able to meet a lot of new people and get experience in the field I am interested in pursuing.

HC: So what are you hoping to do after DePauw?

MK: I would like to be a sportscaster and a sports journalist. My dream is to be a broadcaster for ESPN. The easiest way to put it is by telling people that I want to be the future Erin Andrews.

HC: That would be so cool! Do you do anything at DePauw that is preparing you for that?

MK: DePauw has an incredible Communications department, and specifically my advisor has been extremely helpful in pursing my goals. So far I’ve been able to do a lot of things in the department that pertain to my interests. Last Winter Term I worked for WGRE and was able to do sportscasts, this semester I am taking a class called Electronic Journalism that helps teach students how to write newscasts, and work both on the WGRE and D3TV. I also hope to get involved in D3TV once volleyball season concludes.

It looks like Mary Kate is a celebrity at DePauw and in the Terre Haute area. Who knows how long it will be before everyone knows who she is? ESPN, here she comes.

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