Get Pickin’! - Best Local Orchards for Fall Festivities

Fall has arrived, and as much as we adore our waistlines, we love apple cider donuts even more…*sigh* . Whether it’s picking your own pumpkins with your girls or getting lost in a corn maze with a special somebody on purpose (hey, we’ve all done it!), Her Campus Conn Coll has rounded up the four best places around to get your personal fix of Fall! Don’t forget to Instagram all of your amazing, seasonal adventures!

1. Lyman Orchards (Middlefield, CT)

This is number one for a reason, ladies – Lyman is the most legitimate of orchards. If you like apples/pumpkins/fudge/corn AND sunflower mazes/playing golf/custom-made sandwiches/eating (multiple) pies/face-in-hole boards to take pictures/nourishing your soul with pure goodness, then you’ve found your perfect destination for Fall fun!

2. Scott’s Yankee Farmer (East Lyme, CT)

Oh my donut! If you like apple cider as a drink, then there’s no doubt you’ll love it as a round fried cake with a missing center. Go on a Saturday so you can get the donuts freshly made. Oh, and there are other yummy goodies there, too, such as pick-your-own fruits and fresh veggies, but all we care about are the DONUTS <3 .

3. Bishop’s Orchards (Guilford, CT)

B is not only for Bishop’s but is also for Beta (whereas Lyman Orchards is the true Alpha). Think of this place as that girl you knew in junior high who was always a second-rate version of the “queen bee” in her grade but never actually wound up reigning quite as supreme, no matter how hard she tried. There, there beta Bishop, dry your tears! Your pies will get there someday…

4. B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill (Old Mystic, CT)

Now technically this is a cider mill rather than an orchard, but we don’t care because it is equally as delicious. Although many of you Camels are under 21, no need to be melancholy that you must forgo the hard cider and apple wines because Clyde’s sweet cider is an elixir unlike any other. Cheers to that!

We hope you enjoy your Fall, Camels!!

Brooke loves being a bookworm and listening to bands you've probably never heard of. *smirks* She is an English major with a concentration in creative writing who aspires to either work at a fashion magazine or become a college professor for creative writing/English. Cake decorating and baking in general are her favorite things in life besides her pug dog who is her main man. One day she'll marry Holden Caulfield, and they will live happily ever after!!!!! Oh, fun fact: She has her real estate license so if you need to buy a house or apartment, she's your woman. xx

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