Campus Cutie: Ethan Ufland '17

Meet this week's Campus Cutie, Ethan Ufland '17! Read on to find out everything from his opinion on quoting movies to how he makes Harris gourmet to what he looks for in a significant other!

Class Year: 2017

Major: International Relations

Minor: Haven't added one yet

Extracurricular activities: Club hockey (thanks wardo), club lacrosse, play-by-play broadcaster for Camel Athletics, part-time motivational speaker for the lacrosse team

Relationship status: Single

Describe your ideal date: Beach day, do some grilling, have her home by 11pm sharp, charm the 'rents.

What qualities do you look for in a significant other? Honesty, a good sense of humor, a little wild side but knows when to keep it together.

Favorite book: Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell is a must read if you want the full scoop on operation red wing. The movie doesn't do his team justice. Great American.

Favorite movie: Huge movie quoter so I'm glad you asked. Tropic Thunder is always worth a watch.

How do you make Harris gourmet? Take a wrap of your choosing, layer cheese on first. Then, cut up a chicken patty and a handful of fries. Mix honey mustard with as much hot sauce as you can handle and press it to your liking. This was solely responsible for my freshman 15. Or 25. Who's counting. 

Personal Motto: Work hard when it's time to work but don't take yourself too seriously.

What is one thing you have not checked off your Conn bucket list yet? I turned 21 in July, and I haven't been to the campus bar. I heard they recently added more hops to the beer.

How do you feel about being Campus Cutie? It's an honor. I get to be archived online with some of the greatest greats to have ever been fortunate enough to be called a Campus Cutie such as DJ Ethan Feldman, Jeff Celniker, and James Messina

Brooke loves being a bookworm and listening to bands you've probably never heard of. *smirks* She is an English major with a concentration in creative writing who aspires to either work at a fashion magazine or become a college professor for creative writing/English. Cake decorating and baking in general are her favorite things in life besides her pug dog who is her main man. One day she'll marry Holden Caulfield, and they will live happily ever after!!!!! Oh, fun fact: She has her real estate license so if you need to buy a house or apartment, she's your woman. xx

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