Amanda Goodhart: Defender for the Varsity Lacrosse Team

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Amanda Goodhart
Claim to fame: Defender for the Varsity Lacrosse Team
Year: 2012
School: Columbia College
Major: Political Science, Anthropology minor
Years you have been playing lacrosse: Eleven
Why you play lacrosse: I like being able to play against other teams at a high and competitive level and am able to take time out of my day to forget about everything else and play a sport I love.
What you will miss most about the team when you graduate: Spending time with my best friends every day and the bus rides to Baker.
How you decided to play lacrosse in college: I knew I wasn't ready to end my athletic career after high school ended and was excited to see how I would do at the collegiate level.

Biggest challenge to playing lacrosse: Getting through the workouts and still having energy/time to do your work.
How your college experience differs from that of non-athletes: Being on a team is kind of like having a family at school because you get really close with people on your team.  If I wasn't on a team I probably would not know many underclassmen, but because of lacrosse I hang out with people in every grade every weekend.
Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia
Relationship Status: I have a boyfriend
On-Campus Activities: Lacrosse, Member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee
Off-campus activities: Intern at a law firm downtown
Favorite class you've taken at Columbia and why: Buddhism with Robert Thurman because two of my teammates and I had to have an individual meeting with our TA every week because we couldn't make any discussion sections and it really enhanced what we were able to learn and we became close with our TA.  It made the class so much more interesting.  It's also always fun to have a celebrity's dad as a professor.
Favorite professor you've had at Columbia and why: Robert Erikson because he's funny and knows a lot about the subject matter.
Pet-Peeves: Their, They're, and There mix-ups. Rude people. People who stop walking in the middle of the sidewalk.
Dream Job: Any job in the Caribbean.
If you were stuck on a deserted island, you would need: My phone, Chipotle, and chocolate.
Every girl needs these three things in her closet: A good pair of boots, jeans, and scarves.

Favorite off-campus location: The Highline
Favorite thing about NYC: Being able to get anywhere in the city easily. And everything stays open late.
Favorite meal in NYC: Steak from Del Frisco's

One thing you want to do before graduating: Go on a New York Sightseeing Tour
Top three albums/songs of all time: Breakeven - The Script, Fearless - Taylor Swift, Sweet Southern Moon - Benjy Davis Project

If you could have a super power it would be: The ability to fly.
If you could invite anyone to dinner, you would ask: George Washington.

Top photo by Michael Discenza.

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