5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day During the Weekday

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Here’s the deal about Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day only falls during the weekend every seven years. That means, more often than not, we’re stuck trying to cram in a romantic dinner either the weekend before or the weekend of Valentine’s Day. How unauthentic is that? So maybe this year you actually want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, that is, Tuesday, February 14th. Is it possible to celebrate the most romantic day of the year on a school night? Read on!  

  1. Shut off the electronic devices. Need we say more? You’re not really spending time together if you’re constantly retweeting everyone’s witty Valentine’s Day jokes. Tune out the rest of the world for one night – you’ll both find the night more special if you do. 
  2. Get it delivered. Instead of going out to dinner, order from Grubhub.com or Seamless.com and skip the cheesy Valentine’s Day décor and PDA from all the couples who’ll be out. Instead, order in and ditch the heels and lipstick. 
  3. Take a trip down memory lane. Nothing beats going through old boxes full of memories – especially if you share those memories together. Go through old Facebook albums (or real albums if you have them) together and laugh about the first high school dance you went together.  
  4. Make a mix CD (or playlist) for each other. Come up with some songs that you both think describe your relationship and remind you of each other, and then exchange them. Maybe you think that Katy Perry says it best in “Teenage Dream” and maybe he thinks that Kanye writes for his soul – either way, this can be both sweet and funny!
  5. Tell him how much you appreciate him. In a haiku, in a hand-written letter, in a Hallmark card … whatever. Valentine’s Day is about showing appreciation for those that you love, not limited to those that you might be dating. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is to show those you love how much you really care.  

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