SPW Hangover Cures!

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Since we all know you were wasted all weekend, and the first time you actually got sleep was the few hours after Insomnia party (and that other party Saturday night/Sunday morning), you’re going to have one hell of a hangover on Sunday. Here are our recommendations for avoiding the hangover:
1.     Drink water! Set out a bottle of water the night before and actually drink it before falling asleep. After your full day of drinking, your body is sure to be dehydrated and dying for fluids. So give your body a break and drink some agua. The next morning drink water, too! The number one suggestion to avoiding a hangover is drinking water.
2.     Eat a hearty breakfast. Frank brunch is key. Eat a meal filled with carbs and proteins. We recommend an omelet and a bagel. While the other Frank foods probably look divine, stick to one item that isn’t too sugar-filled. The sugar won’t help anything, though you may think it’ll give you energy, it is a bad choice, so avoid it!
3.     Get some exercise. While you may be feeling extremely sluggish, go to the ym or for a walk to sweat out the alcohol. Even a little walk and fresh air can be extremely healthy!
4.     Replenish your vitamins and electrolytes! Have a sports drink like Gatorade or Powerade to resupply your electrolytes. And, drink a glass of orange juice to get your essential vitamin C!
We hope you had a fun, safe SPW! 

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