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Name: Pam Duncan
Hometown: Medford, NJ
Class Year: 2014
Major: Political Science major, Economics minor

What do you do on campus? Panhellenic Association Vice President of Recruitment, Admissions Office Tour Guide, Student Government Association Senator and Executive Board, Philanthropists at Colgate Vice President, Link Staff, Gamma Phi Beta
What is your favorite thing about Colgate? The faculty. I came to Colgate because I wanted to actually enjoy going to class and to have personal relationships with my professors, and I have definitely found that here.
Tell us more about one of the activities you’re involved in: Tour guiding is one of my favorite things that I do on campus. I view it as advertising Colgate to high schoolers and their parents and trying to "sell" the Colgate experience to them; it is my job to convince them that Colgate is the place where they belong. It is so rewarding to get emails from prospective students who tell me that after my tour, they are now even more strongly considering coming to Coglate; I feel like I am actually having an impact on their lives, which is really cool. Every time I give a tour, I basically spend an hour talking about all of the great aspects of Colgate, so tour guiding reaffirms (for me) all of the reasons that I love Colgate.

Fun Facts
Favorite food: Tomato and mozzarella with basil... mhmm
Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
Favorite sport: Football (to watch)
Favorite band: I don't really have any favorite bands, but I love Broadway showtunes. My favorites include The Phantom of the Opera, In the Heights, and Les Miserables.
Favorite city: I don't have one yet... but maybe it will be Geneva! I have never been there, but I'm studying abroad there next spring, so I hope I like it haha.
Favorite place on campus: Probably the area around Taylor Lake... there are such beautiful views of the school from there.
Favorite restaurant in town: La Iguana
Favorite drink: Water without ice... the ice hurts my teeth and decreases the amount of water that I get. Ice is no good. But there is nothing like a refreshing glass of water on a hot day!

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About The Author

Emily Bliss is a sophomore at Colgate University, where her academic interests include Political Science, Economics, and Chinese. She hopes to attend business school upon her graduation. In addition to being a tour guide and admissions office volunteer, she competes with the Alpine Ski Racing Team and the Rugby Club. Emily calls Cambridge, Massachusetts home, as it is where she was born and raised, though she loves living in Hamilton, New York when school is in session. Her favorite activities include spending time in and around Boston, watching Gossip Girl, traveling, and cooking!