Introducing the Newest Member of SLP: Allie Shilling!

This week we sat down with the new Associate Director in the Office of Student Leadership and Programming, Allie Shilling! 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in Franklin, WI (a suburb of Milwaukee) and went to college at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. Originally I went to school to be a high school teacher, but didn’t exactly know what I wanted to teach. I started just taking elective classes I enjoyed and found a passion for photography. From there I took more art classes and ended up studying Graphic Design. Although I love graphic design, it was more of a hobby. In college I was very involved in student life – from student government to mentoring for a pre-college access program to working with our international students. I realized working with students and trying my best to help each succeed is what I wanted to do as a career. After graduation, I moved to Nevada to get my master’s in Education Leadership. I went to school in Nevada for 2 years and worked full in there for 2 more years. While living in Nevada I developed a love for the outdoors, mountains, camping, and exploring the US. In college I studied abroad (in Perth, Australia and through Semester at Sea for one month) so I knew I loved exploring other countries, but while living in Nevada I realized the beauty our own country has.

 What do you like to do for fun?

I talked about exploring cool places I’m living but other than that… I’m not too exciting!! I like spending my free time with my boyfriend, Jonny, relax watching Netflix, go out to eat around town, use the laser pointer to watch my cats run back and forth (ha!) and craft crazy things I find online. I hope once I get settled in the job and living in MA I can send more time making crafty things to sell on Esty.

What is your position at Clark?

Associate Director for Student Leadership and Programming. Basically the go to person for all things student club related. SLP is really about engaging students and ensuring there is programming, activities, and excitement going on around campus.

What's been the hardest/easiest parts of your first few months at Clark?

The Easiest is the students, hands down. You all make my job so enjoyable and fun. There is never a dull or boring day here at Clark.

The hardest is keeping up with all the LINK requests! Honestly, this is great thing. I love that student clubs are meeting so frequently and getting First Year students involved. Now that the first couple weeks are over, it’s gotten much easier to handle.

What's your biggest goal for this year?

My biggest goal would have to be to make an environment surrounding myself that students feel comfortable engaging in and asking questions in. Being new to a position, I want to make sure students are getting the help they need and getting the support they need from me; not only with clubs, but the support they need personally and academically.

What is the most unexpected change you’ve experienced since moving to New England?

The Humidity! 

Ten seconds on the clock for 'this or that'

Cats or dogs? Both! Although, people deem me a cat lady

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate

Winter Olympics or Summer Olympics? Summer

Visit Europe or Asia? Europe

Run outside or on the treadmill? Treadmill

Coffee or tea? Coffee, but I love tea too

Mac or PC? Mac

Mountain or beach? Mountain

Sweet or sour? Sweet

Early bird or night owl? Neither! But more of an early bird

Thanks, Allie!

Jess is a Senior at Clark University who hails from Detroit, Michigan. She spends her time at college studying Psychology and Culture Studies & Communication, and trying to get involved in everything she can on campus! Jess wears a number of hat's around campus such as, President of the Student Activities Board, Co-President of Radio of Clark University, an intern for the Student Leadership and Programming Office, waitress at Annies Clark Brunch, and the Events Director for Clark's chapter of Her Campus! In her spare time Jess enjoys listening to music, reading, exploring Worcester, and spending time with friends!

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