Rosemary Davies

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Rosemary Davies

Year: first year (class of 2016)

Hometown and Your Favorite Thing About It: I hail from Berkeley, California. My favorite thing about it is its long legacy of political activism and movement. In Berkeley, there’s always a rally for justice.

Areas of Study and How You Chose Them: Although I’m undecided on a major right now, my main areas of study are in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Ever since I was a kid, I would overturn rocks and scramble down roads in the hopes of discovering something. This curiosity has never left me and has led me into considering research.   

Favorite Book: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

Favorite Movie: Tampopo

Favorite TV Show: The IT Crowd

Favorite Musician/Band: Polysics

Favorite Food: Pickles

Your Ultimate Friday Night: Relaxing! My ultimate Friday night is a combination of napping, meditating, and stopping at the gym to do Zumba. After the week’s busyness, I like to take a step back and take a long, deep breather.

Childhood Dream Job: Veterinarian

Current Dream Job: Field Biologist for the US Geological Survey

What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Personally, my favorite part of Thanksgiving is being around my friends and family. Thanksgiving is when we can all share our thanks together and reflect on the past year. 

What are you most thankful for about Chatham? I’m most thankful for the wealth of opportunities! For a small school with an undergraduate population of about 900, Chatham has resources comparable to larger universities. You can really find your niche here, whether it’s putting in long hours for Drama Club productions or spiritually finding your center in All Faith Gathering. 


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