Matthew Louws, '15

Full Name:  Matthew Louws
Hometown:  St. Catharine’s
Relationship Status:  Single, but with hopes.
Year/Major:  2015/B. Comm.

Favourite thing about Carleton:  I like the city, the market place downtown.  I love the restaurants.  Blue Cactus is my favourite.  I go for drinks at night—I love that place.  I also go to Zak’s every Monday with my friend Zac for our man date.  We go for brunch.
Hobbies:  Snowboarding and golfing.  I’ve been snowboarding for five years, maybe six, and I love it.  I just came back from Tremblant actually.
Favourite T.V. Show:  Entourage.  Season four is my favourite, but they’re all so good.
A random fact about you:  I love watching movies.  I love all Jason Statham movies and all Tom Cruise movies too.  Oh and all Will Ferrell movies, except for one...  I don’t remember what it was called, but it was the worst movie ever.
What do you miss most about home when you’re at school:  My brothers!  I hang out with them more than my friends.  They’re pretty much the only thing I miss. And my car.  I miss that too. 
First thing you notice about a girl:  Her butt.  You can just tell so much about that.  Well I guess I kind of look at the whole body first and then I look at my favourite parts.  I have a system.
What do you think is the most confusing thing about girls?:  I’d say knowing whether or not they are telling the truth.  I don’t like the system of signals girls have.  Not a fan.  Just sayin’.
What do you do to impress a girl?:  I try to act cool... Sometimes I flex.
What’s your biggest turn-off?:  Dirty teeth.  Teeth are my favourite thing if they’re straight and clean.  Flossing takes two seconds... Just do it.
What kind of girl do you usually go for?:  Smart, good looking and funny.
What would you do for your girlfriend’s birthday:  Vacation!  But I love giving presents too.  I’d do both... No wait, I’d go to a restaurant with a cool environment, like a cool view.  I don’t know, there’s too many options.
Is there anything you would like to say to the ladies of Carleton University?:  Grenville 109.
To catch’s Matt’s attention, pack away the jeggings, and brush up on your Entourage. And if it happens to be your birthday, I recommend stopping by Grenville 109 sometime soon.