6 Winter Must Haves to Heat Up Your Wardrobe

When Mount Pleasant's frigid winter months arrive, warmth trumps fashion and campus style hits an all time low. Trendy fall jackets and scarves no longer cut it on the warmth spectrum and people dress for solely for comfort. Just because fall comes to an end, doesn’t mean that style has to.

With the winter season right around the corner, prepare yourself to be chic and comfortable with these 6 must haves:

1.     Knee Length Winter Coat – London Fog Coat $109.00 at Macy’s

This is the number one item that will keep you extremely warm while still looking great. Knee length coats give your body more coverage from the harsh winter winds and are a flattering silhouette on any body type. These coats can get pretty pricey, but Macy’s always has HUGE deals on them.


2.     Rain Boots – Trystan Rain Boot $98.00 at Banana Republic

It’s taken many people (including me) pretty long to notice that UGG boots, while comfortable, do not keep your feet very warm or dry while trudging through the snow. Rain boots when paired with insulated boot socks (See below) are the perfect balance between warm and dry. Many rain boots sold now are designed to look like a pair of leather boots so they don’t lose their style factor. 

There are all different brands of rain boots and I’ve found that price does NOT determine the quality of warmth. So whatever your price range, you can find a pair of adorable boots for a low price.


3.     Wool Boot Socks – Tweed Boot Socks $15 at Shopbird.com

No matter what kind of shoes you’re wearing, wool socks are you’re best friend in the winter. And you can find them almost anywhere!

Fuzzy on the inside and cute on the outside, wool socks keep your feet toasty in cold temperatures. There are many styles and colors of knee length socks (so they stick out of the tops of boots) that keep your legs warm and give your outfit a little oomf!


4.     Chunky Infinity Scarves (Snoods) – Pieces Ellena Snood – $24.63 at ASOS.com

Infinity scarves or snoods are a perfect touch to any comfy-chic outfit. They give tons of comfort around the neck and chest areas with their many layers and thick fabric. Infinity scarves cover up just about where your winter coat cuts off to add warmth. They come in many styles ranging from chunky knits to vibrant prints.

5.     Headband/Beanie/Earmuffs – Wooden Ships Sierra Beanie 42.00 at Urban Outfitters

When it’s cold outside, your head releases the most heat from your body so its vital to have a head covering if you want to stay totally warm.  Beanies, headbands, and earmuffs give an added touch to an outfit and a significant amount of warmth to get to you class in style.


6.     Leather Gloves – Merona Leather Quilted Gloved $21.99 at Target

Not just your Fathers leather gloves! Leather gloves add a sense of elegance to your winter wardrobe. Many styles are dressing up and being shown with bows, studs, and pleated patterns. Whether you’re driving or walking the leather blocks the wind and shields it from the cold steering wheel. Just make sure the gloves are lined with a different material or else they won’t provide much warmth!

These 6 items will help you stay warm while allowing your style to be heard over the roaring winter winds. Bundle up chips!


Beth is a Senior at Central Michigan University. She is majoring in Apparel Merchandising and Design with a minor in Advertising. Beth is an active member of the sorority Phi Sigma Sigma. Her hopes are to be Chicago/LA/NYC bound in the next 2 years, working in the styling or product development area of the fashion industry. An interesting fact about Beth is that she is extremely obsessed with Beyoncé.

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