15 Things I've Learned From Sex and the City

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1.     Your best friends can be your soul mates

2.     Sometimes the best relationships are the ones you didn’t see coming

3.     Chemical peels are never a good idea

4.     An accidental fart in bed isn’t a relationship deal breaker

5.     Sloppy kissers are a deal breaker

6.     Don’t settle for anything less than true love

7.     At the end of the day, you just want to be with the person who makes you laugh

8.     There is no such thing as a clean breakup

9.     Guys aren’t that hard to figure out

10. Never use a post-it to end a relationship

11. Cosmos are always a great drink choice

12. Girl talk should not consist of what friend you would choose to accompany you in a threesome…someone will get left out and feelings will get hurt

13. Aidan is really dreamy

14. But…the bad boy always wins

15. Money doesn’t bring happiness…but clothes do

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