5 Ways To Avoid Summertime Sadness

Sure, everybody is always excited to come back to college for the initial buzz. Who doesn't want to see their friends, spend all of syllabus week binging on alcohol, and hitting up all of the rush week parties, enjoying the last of the music festivals, sundflower fields, and ice cream dates.  But what happens when that's all over? In Buffalo, you kiss summer goodbye the first week of September. It goes from 85 degrees, to 75 degrees, then to 65 degrees with a chilling wind. I love hoodies, cuddling, and PSL's but a part of me dies when that sunshine goes away and you're too cold to leave the house. No more bikinis, margaritas on the patios, Darien Lake & Canalside concerts, or boat days with the hoes.

I'm the biggest offender of getting the blues when the weather changes so here are my top 5 ways of fighting the Buffalo Blues and keeping summer alive.

1. Gym dates errrryday.

Before summer comes, everyone flocks to the gym to work on that summer bod. I like to be the early bird and keep grinding for next years summer bod. Granted, I never really achieve my ideal summer bod but here's to trying!

2. Switch Sangria for Apple Sangria.

never say goodbye to sangria, margaritas, or fruity summery drinks. Last year, I used fall's advantage and used the apples I picked at the orchard to make a delicious apple sangria. I love wine and sangria but I like to switch it up and make margaritas for my pregame. Make your own fresh margarita in the middle of winter, they taste just as good as they would on the beach(okaaaay, maybe that's a lie).

3. Plan a vacay for winter break.

Nothing beats summertime sadness than planning for a vacation somewhere warm and sunny. This year, I'm thinking of heading to Mexico for winter break and exploring Mexico City, shoving my face with tacos and margs, and hanging poolside while everyone else freezes in WNY.


4. Put on your readers.

 When I'm locked up in the house, I love to read travel books and memoirs. I especially like books that take place in cities or countries I've already visited, I can imagine myself there again and reminisce. Currently, I'm reading The Lost Girls. I want to read Sarah's Key  and A Paris All Your Own. 

5. Don't take away the color in your wardrobe.

It's so easy to match your outfit to your mood. Buffalo has enough grey, please don't add to it. Sometimes, I can't help but wear all black but most times, I try to incoporate neutrals and pastels into my wardrobe. Denim, florals, and bright colors can still work in the fall. I love white, cream, light pink, and baby blue in the winter too. If you're anything like me, my mood is 10x better when I look good. 


Nabila Ismail is a first year Pharmacy Student at the University at Buffalo in New York from Saratoga, NY. Outside of her science pursuits, she enjoys fashion, writing, and traveling. She just came back from spending a whole summer in Italy as a nanny & English Tutor. She's very excited to have Her Campus at her school this year!

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