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Morgan Slade is successfully and passionately reintegrating the appreciation for fine and sculptural art back onto Bucknell’s campus.  With what she learned as an intern at the Smithsonian, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Sotheby’s Auction House, Morgan is devoted to increasing awareness and advocating community involvement with and appreciation for the Bucknell art galleries as Founder and Co-President of The Gallery Engagement Team (G.E.T).  If you haven’t been to the Samek and Downtown Art Galleries yet, you will be banging at their doors after hearing what Morgan has in store for these two fabulous exhibition centers. 

Hometown: Princeton, New Jersey

Class Year: 2013

Majors: Art History and Italian Studies


            Freeze Flavor: Soft Vanilla

            Spot on Campus: Academic Quad

            Class taken at Bucknell: Italian Conversation

            Professor at Bucknell: Professor Roger Rothman (Art History)

            Aspect of Bucknell: The size of the student body

            Movie: Big Daddy

            Book: To Kill a Mockingbird

5 Fun Facts:

  1. I am a triplet
  2. I love to doodle with Sharpies and Prismacolor markers
  3. Watching Olympic gymnastics makes me cry
  4. I studied abroad in Florence, Italy
  5. I live down the street from Princeton University


When did your love for art and art history begin?  Is there a particular event or person who triggered your passion for these disciplines?

I don’t recall a certain moment when it clicked, but I was definitely exposed to a lot of art growing up. My grandma was an art instructor for 35 years, and would always have arts and crafts supplies waiting for us when we arrived at her house. I can also remember being dragged to a lot of art galleries growing up, and while I hated it at the time, I am positive that this had a huge impact on my love for art.


How were you introduced to the Samek Gallery?

In my very first year at Bucknell, I was required to visit the Samek Art Gallery to complete various assignments for World Art I and II. It was not until my sophomore year, however, that I started to spend a decent amount of time with the collection and exhibitions.


What are the objectives of the Gallery Engagement Team (G.E.T.) and how has this organization gone about meeting these goals over the course of this semester?

While we are still working to define our identity on campus, our main objective is to promote and recruit student involvement and awareness of the Samek Art Gallery’s events, exhibitions, and holdings. We promote the programs organized by the gallery staff, but also organize G.E.T. sponsored events that encourage the Bucknell and Lewisburg communities to attend our exhibitions and programs.


What do you want Bucknell students, faculty, and staff to know about G.E.T., the Samek Art Gallery, and the Downtown Art Gallery?

I think that the most important message that we hope to get across is that the gallery is a space for the students, professors, and Lewisburg community. Richard Rinehart, the director, would like to encourage students to congregate in the space, utilize the resources that we have to offer, and feel engaged in the programming. We would also like students to know that the gallery does not have to be a silent, closed off space. The gallery staff encourages discussion and interaction with the work.


The Dusk to Dusk exhibition at the Samek Art Gallery was incredible.  What does the Bucknell and Lewisburg community have to look forward to in the Spring at the Samek and Downtown Art Galleries?

I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed our fall exhibition. We have had a ton of fun with organizing discussions, panels, and even a trick-or-treating event to go along with the spooky theme. Unfortunately, I cannot divulge what the Spring exhibitions will be, but I can assure you that we have a very exciting line-up, and hope to see a lot of students next semester. Visit our Blog at to stay updated on our events.


How do you hope to integrate your love of art and art history for life after Bucknell?

Right now I am at a crossroads between pursuing a career in the arts (museums, auction houses, galleries) and advertising. What I do know, is that whichever path I choose, I have to be involved in something creative!

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