Proud to Be a Brandeisian: A Recap of Louis Louis Spirit Week ’12!


“Louis Louis” Spirit Week (Nov. 7 to 11) at Brandeis featured a variety of events with free food and drinks, dancing, games and more! Thanks to our friends at Student Events, Spirit Week proved to be a fabulous and fun-filled saga, bolstering Brandeis spirit in time to cheer on our fellow Judges as well as showcase our amazing Brandeisian pride.

Here’s a quick recap of Spirit Week:


On your morning rush to class in frigid New England weather, you hear the Billboard Top 40 reverberating throughout campus. The music grows louder and louder as you approach Usdan until suddenly you find yourself surrounded by the peppiest college kids ever offering you free coffee, hot chocolate and sweet breakfast munchies.What’s not to love? I can’t reiterate this more: I wish Wake & Shakes were a daily occurrence!

Later that day, Student Events hosted an eclectic mix of activities inspired by special moments in ’Deis history: apple bobbing, face painting, sumo wrestling, sand art making, sugar art making, ballooning and even make-your-own-election-sign-ing. Without a doubt, Remaking History provided a fun distraction from all that midterm studying! Special cameo appearance by Eleanor Roosevelt the Cardboard Cutout.


A Russian quack doctor with surprising news, two dimwitted lovers tragically torn apart by a pile of frozen leaves, awkward calls to grandm and more! Improv comedy, woohoo! On Thursday night, Brandeis students sat back and relaxed to the Laugh Your Louis Off! comedy lineup featuring hilarious performances from Brandeis’ very own Bad Grammar, Crowd Control and False Advertising. Brandeis also welcomed special guests Seriously Bent of Suffolk University as well as the Callbacks and Liquid Fun of Boston University.

Later that evening, Brandeisians discovered the Rose for a spirited jam session, with music provided by Brandeis’s very own DJ Sensation. From the photo booth in the Reading Nook to the dance floor in the Foster Wing and even free drinks in the Lee Gallery, SCRAM Jam proved to be quite the lively affair.


Brandeisians spent Friday afternoon at Louispalooza enjoying scrumptious Minimelts, frosting and eating cookies, beading bracelets and challenging their friends to some intense games of Bungee Run and rock climbing. This might just have been the most fun I’ve had in weeks.


For those that missed or simply couldn’t get enough of SCRAM Jam, there was Louisganza, a rave party of with exciting hip hop beats courtesy of DJ NuEra. Those over 21 had access to the beer garden.


On a lazy sunny Sunday afternoon, students had the opportunity to learn more about some of Brandeis’ 200+ clubs and organizations while engaging in a variety of fun club-sponsored activities, including painting their own Matryoshka dolls (Russian Club) and designing hats and cards for kids undergoing chemotherapy (Colleges Against Cancer). Students even had the opportunity to watch live performances by the Belly Dancing Club, Juggling Club, Liquid Latex and improv comedy troupes. All in all, over 20 clubs and organizations participated in the Club Crawl.


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