Luky Guigui '15

Year: 2015

Major: Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

Minors: Economics and Hebrew

Hometown: Memphis, TN. Well, born in Miami Beach, but raised in Memphis. Lived in Israel in 10th grade, and did a post-high school gap year.


·      WBRS, I have a show on Thursday nights, called “The Extra Point,” with Jonathan Schlussel, Harry Greenberg, and Josh Agress. And I am now the assistant PSA director. GOLD STAR!

·      Founding father and rush chair of AEPI

·      Religious coordinator for the Brandeis Sephardic Initiative (BSI) and I like TAMID.

·      Active member of the Rosie full of Tron (ultimate Frisbee) members

·      And I’m a lifeguard!

Tell the readers how we met:

We were both in the DISEC (disarmament and securities) committee at Yeshiva University Model UN in 2008 and I got a gavel stolen for me! We hung out, and then a year later we were reunited again at model UN and we both knew we’d be going to Brandeis. I also, won honorable mention that year. The next year, we chilled in the Old City of Jerusalem and then that summer we met up at my phirst PHISH concert, which was AWESOME. We both snuck onto the floor and met up during intermission. We befriended each other once again at Brandeis.

I heard you were abroad this past summer, tell me about your experience!

I was in Korea. It was ammaaziinngg! I actually went to Gangnam, if you were wondering. 


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