Brittany Ritell '15

Major:  Film, Television and Interactive Media Studies

Minors: Business and Journalism
Where are you from?
The woods. Actually its Ridgefield, Connecticut, but it may as well be the woods.
What clubs are you involved in on campus?
Clubs in Service, Adagio, Liquid Latex, Ballet Club, Hooked on Tap, Swing Dance Club, and I’m a Community Advisor in East Quad. (Also I’m super excited to be an OL this coming year!!!)
I know you helped choreograph for Liquid Latex this year, tell me more about that experience. What was your favorite thing about being involved in it? Would you be interested in doing it again in the future? 
That was crazy. I ended up choreographing two pieces for Latex having only choreographed once before. Choreographing 5-minute pieces was definitely a challenge especially when I was trying to make my pieces really dance based. It was a great opportunity to get to know more people on campus and I’d totally do it again! I’ve already been asked to choreograph for next year even though I’ll be abroad. If that doesn’t work out, I’d definitely be involved again senior year-maybe I’ll even get painted!!
I also know you are very involved in Adagio? What is your role in Adagio? How long have you been involved? What is it like choreographing for them? Do you have a favorite dance that you've choreographed? 
I LOVE ADAGIO. I currently serve as the Communications Coordinator and I am running for the Dance Marathon Coordinator for next year. I got involved my first semester on campus and have been involved every semester since. Being on board has been a really great experience because it required I step out of my comfort zone and choreograph for the first time! That was actually the only time I choreographed for Adagio, but I’m already picking out songs for next year because I want to do it again.
I also heard that you were asked to choreograph for the 24 Hour Musical in the Fall, how exciting! What are you most looking forward to for that? Anything you are nervous for? 
Yes! I was really flattered that after Latex someone came up to me, said they really liked my piece and wanted to know if I’d do 24 hour. I am ecstatic about this opportunity because I haven’t seen or participated in a 24 hour musical yet and I always really wanted to be involved.
How long have you been interested in dancing and choreographing? 
So I have been dancing for as long as I can remember and my high school dancer teacher is like another mother to me. I danced about 10 hours a week in high school and do about 7 to 10 here.
But here’s a big secret: I’m not actually that good. Like, my technique isn’t that great. I’m just super bendy and can do some tricks so people think I’m really good. But seriously, I’ve fooled you all.
I also heard that you helped out at Mr. Brandeis for Relay for Life choreographing the opening dance, tell me more about that opportunity. Was it what you expected? 
This was SO much fun. I love having boys dance because they’re so uncomfortable with it and its kind of endearing. I was really impressed with the boys and how quickly they picked up the moves because they really only had one rehearsal before the show. They were fantastic and Mr. Brandeis was such a great event.
What is your favorite place to eat in Waltham?
So I actually don’t go into Waltham ever…or order in that often. I have so much left on my meal plan that I really need to keep eating on campus (if you need points, let me know. My requirement is that if you use them, they must be used while having a breakfast/lunch/dinner date with me).
What is a weird quirk that most people probably don't know about you that makes you "you?" 
I feel like I’m pretty open about most things. So I’m not sure what it would be that people don’t know. But seriously my biggest quirk is probably the flexible thing. You will more than likely find me falling asleep in stretches or having conversations with my foot over my head. Always gotta keep practicing to stay that way.
Relationship Status:
I HAVE A BOYFRIEND AND HE IS PRETTY (sing that in your best 5-year old sing-songy voice as though you were singing about a pony or a bunny or something else cute). We just celebrated our one year anniversary on April 18th and to celebrate we went to Dick’s Last Resort in Boston, swing danced in the middle of Faneuil Hall, went on a horse and buggy ride and he got me a rose! It was a really fantastic night.  He’s cute and stuff. I like him.
Tell us more about your study abroad plans. Where are you going?
I’m going to party with all of the kangaroos and koalas in Sydney, Australia. But actually it is my life dream to pet a koala and it's going to happen before the semester is over. I’m also excited to take some business courses that Brandeis doesn’t offer. But mostly I’m excited about the koala.
What are your summer plans?
I will be going to Israel for the first time ever on Birthright and then extending my trip to stay the whole summer and work for The Jerusalem Post. I’m doing a program called Onward Israel that pays for my housing, food and transportation to work… and I’ll be rooming with one of my best friends from high school. It’s going to be the best summer ever in the world. So. Excited.


I am a Junior at Brandeis University who is passionate about writing and who loves surfing the web for useful articles and having fun doing what I like. 

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