Conan2Bentley Flash Mob (In Cooperation with REAL, CRAZE, & Her Campus Bentley)

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April 25, 2012. The day that the first ever Bentley flash mob took place!

Some of you may have seen it on YouTube, some of you may have seen it live, but most of you are probably wondering..."hey, what does this flash mob have to do with Conan O'Brien?"

Well, Bentley collegiettes, we got the inside scoop on today's flash mob and it's relation to the new social media plea to bring #Conan2Bentley. 

Conan2Bentley is a class project that is being done for the IDCC 390 Social Media course. According to the Conan2Bentley Facebook page, the goal of this class project is to bring Conan O'Brien to Bentley via the use of social media. The class is encouraging students to tweet @conanobrien with pictures of Conan's face around campus or with witty phrases (many of which have to do with Jay Leno dropping out of Bentley).

Cool. So what does this have to do with a flash mob on the Libary quad? The flash mob was created and produced as a cooperative effort between CRAZE, REAL, and Her Campus Bentley. They joined efforts with the Conan2Bentley project to help the class gain more attention to the project and have an even greater chance of bringing Conan 2 Bentley.

If you haven't already, you should check out the flash mob video above and then join the tweeting project to bring Conan 2 Bentley by tweeting at him and using the hashtag #Conan2Bentley!

Also, there are some awesome HC Bentley staffers in the video - can you spot them?!

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