The Sex Files #21: Why the Next Round Could Squash Your Sex Life

The Sex Files has officially turned 21!  In lieu of a Monday night trip to MA’s (I know, disappointing), we’ve compiled a list of 21 interesting facts about alcohol and sex.

  1. Alcohol suppresses your sexual responses.
    Which makes you less physically able to have sex.

  2. It also lowers your psychological inhibitions.
    Which could make you seek out hook-ups or casual flings you normally wouldn’t.

  3. Alcohol lowers testosterone.
    Which reduces libido, especially in guys.

  4. Sex after drinking tends to be less satisfying.
    Studies show that alcohol inhibits arousal, the ability to reach orgasm, and the intensity of orgasm in women and men.

  5. Two words: Beer Goggles
    “I swear he was cuter/smarter/not a jerk last night!”

  6. Three words: Think it Through
    There are a lot of things that sound like a good idea when you’re drunk that you would never do sober. Like this.  Just make sure your hook-up isn’t one of them.  Even if you know you’re not comfortable having sex and convey that clearly, make sure you’re consciously choosing to do everything that you do engage in, whether it be kissing or more.

  7. Alcohol increases estrogen levels in women.
    Which means that some birth control can magnify intoxication, even if you normally know your limits.

  8. It increases estrogen levels in men, too.
    Studies show that frequent, prolonged heavy drinking leads to loss of muscle mass, shrunken testicles, and the phenomenon known as “man boobs.”

  9. Drinking is major cause of impotence.
    Call it “whiskey dick” or “brewer’s droop,” but either way, it ain’t working.  Quick math lesson: Boner + alcohol = whomp.

  10. One drink per day adds 10 pounds to your weight per year.
    And there are never any free ellipticals at the Plex.

  11. Women are more affected by alcohol in the 3 to 4 days before their period.
    As if we really needed to add a massive hangover to our PMS woes.

  12. Almost 50% of unplanned sexual encounters are under the influence of alcohol.
    Maybe we just wouldn’t have gotten up the courage without a few drinks.  Or maybe we would have known better and avoided them.

  13. Error using condoms increases with drinking.
    I’m pretty sure condom application goes under “fine motor skills.”

  14. In 2/3 of unplanned pregnancies, the woman was intoxicated during sex.
    Human error accounts for the majority of contraceptive failures.  Alcohol increases human error.  See above comment on “fine motor skills.”

  15. You can “un-take” your birth control.
    If you get sick from drinking shortly after taking oral contraceptives, the pill becomes less effective.

  16. 50% of sexual assaults on college students involve alcohol.
    Alcohol is never an excuse for sexual assault, but it does contribute.  Having a clear head about your actions not only protects you from becoming a target, but also from unknowingly making someone else uncomfortable.

  17. 75% of admitted date rapists said they used alcohol to get dates drunk so they would have sex.
    Maybe someone is just being extra generous and willing to refill your drink.  But why take that chance?

  18. When alcohol is involved, victims are less likely to call it “rape.”
    Rape victims generally feel a tremendous amount of guilt when they have been engaging in activities that others may see as “inappropriate.”  But remember, drunk or sober, your consent still matters.

  19. Intoxicated persons are less likely to correctly interpret body language.
    In the expectations, rules, and unfamiliarity of party hook-ups, it’s pretty easy to miss a few signals.  Remember that it’s always important to give and receive clear consent before engaging in sexual activity.  Luckily, we have a few awesome resources to guide you through it.

  20. The majority of college-age students who reported “regretting” their last sexual encounter were under the influence of alcohol.
    Despite the YOLO fad, it’s easiest to avoid regrets when you make clear and purposeful decisions.

  21. No one can legally consent to sexual activity under the influence of alcohol.
    That’s not to say that every drunken hook up is necessarily rape, but it does make room for a large gray area that must be navigated.

So please keep this list in mind when you go out to celebrate our big two-one.  As BC students, we work hard, we play hard, and now it’s time to make sure we party safe.
Peace, love, and lube,
BC Students for Sexual Health
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