Connor Corrigan: Creator of the "Soon is Noon" T-Shirt Line

“There are opportunities everywhere,” says entrepreneur and Boston College senior Connor Corrigan.  This A&S economics major has taken his own words to heart, not once but twice, by starting two of his own businesses while studying here at BC. 

He started his first company, Ozok, after his freshman year, which sold t-shirts and denim.  This got pushed to the side a little while Corrigan searched for an internship, but he didn’t lose his interest in creating fashion.  Thus, his second company, Soon is Noon, was started just after his sophomore year and focuses solely on t-shirts.  You can see the entire line at his website, which is currently the only place where his t-shirts are available.
 He describes his work as “very do-it-yourself art.”  Laughing, he stated that, “half the stuff was like drawn with crayons.”   Corrigan has no real art experience himself, but he finds that by keeping everything creative and fun, he has made a good vision for the Soon is Noon line.  
So you may be wondering: how did an economics major, with no prior art experience, make his way into the fashion industry? 

Corrigan explains that, beyond simply staying focused on what he loves, he has had a lot of help with his project.  “It was really hard at first, but I’ve been lucky.  I’ve had friends to help me along the way.”  He has worked with a lot of friends at BC, including one of our past Campus Celebrities, Total Betch Move.  The two just came out with a t-shirt, which is available at the Soon is Noon website.

After meeting with Corrigan, the best way I can describe him is very sure of what he wants.  While most of us would perhaps be too timid or discouraged to start a t-shirt line in this economy, Corrigan basically dove in head first, despite his limited experience.  He currently breaks-even financially, but he is hopeful for the future.
“Someone told me that if you don’t go under by your third year, then you’ll be fine,” says Corrigan.  Eventually, he would love to work in different mediums, as well.  Corrigan points to Wesley Pentez as one of his biggest inspirations.  Pentez is the owner of a record label, but he has moved into many other areas, creating a real multi-faceted creative experience.  Corrigan, too, hopes to be able to create a successful, multi-faceted experience for himself.