One Size Doesn't Fit All

The popular European clothing brand Brandy Melville provides customers with a

bountiful supply of uber trendy maxi skirts, crop-tops, patterns galore, and comfy

fabric. “Brandy” as loyal customers refer it to is essentially a more customized version of

Forever 21, with one teensy-tiny, itty-bitty problem: sizing.

Almost every single piece of Brandy Melville merchandise is one size fits most,

including bras. According to the company’s sizing chart, “Most of Brandy Melville clothing is

one size, a loose, over-sized fit that should fit a range of sizes comfortably.” Although the

explanation is reassuring, it begs the question, why?

Clothing brands have been tailoring their merchandise to a variety of customers since the

beginning of shopping. The one size fits most rule is somewhat illogical in such a vast market.

One size may in fact fit most, but one size does not look good on everyone. Even skinny

minnies might be better off with a bigger blouse, or a longer skirt. Psychology major Kate

Medici, a Brandy Melville fan has only one thing to say about Brandy Melville, “Baby clothes!”

The clothing concept started in Italy and became popular throughout Europe before

spreading to the United States and Canada. The brands target demographic is teenage to college

aged girls. The brand has some serious style cred with a distinct image in mind.

Brandy clothes are easy to spot. The style is boho chic with an emphasis on basics and a

generous sampling of florals. Generally speaking, the blouses, dresses, and skirts are either

microscopic or billowing in the wind.

The brand does have a loyal following and for good reason. Art student Hillary Dempsey

said, “I love the clothes because they’re comfortable, they’re well priced for how cute they are.”

Shoppers have taken to the Internet to express their discontent. Yelp reviewers like the

clothing itself, but are frustrated by the lack of sizing variety. Retail Junior Allison Raymond

said, “I think it’s interesting because obviously everyone can’t fit into it, they’re small clothes,

what are they saying about how big we should be?”

The brand claims to carry clothing from vendors that follows general sizing rules. The

denim also comes in limited sizes. However, this is not “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” this

is real life and those jean shorts are not going to fit Blake Lively and America Ferrera.

The bottom line is one size doesn’t fit all, and that’s okay. Brandy Melville clothes fit

everyone differently. Be warned, just because a bra is labeled one size fits all does not mean it

should be worn if it only covers the nipples.