Top 5 Valentine's Day Finds... Boys Optional

I would never condone a full on pink and red outfit…. Um, scary!  A pop of red or pink or a heart here and there will add that hint of St. Valentine’s Day panache to any outfit.  Whether you have a "Steady Eddy" or are a single gal on the prowl, here are ways to look great on Valentine’s Day. Who knows—cupid’s arrow could be pointed right at you.

1. Arm Candy

Cruciani heart macramé lace bracelets are not only the “hot” accessory of the moment, they also symbolize eternal love!  Wrap these around your wrist for the ultimate style while love springs eternal. 

2. Studs (and I don't mean guys)


These gold heart studs from C Wonder are a reminder that love is in the air.  They are a subtle yet perfect way to add a touch of Valentine’s Day flair to your outfit.

3.  Smitten for Sweaters


Wear your heart on your sleeve with this Wildfox oversized sweater.  Feel comfy and cozy and look chic on Valentine’s Day. 

4. Valentine Varnish


No matter what day of the year, perfectly polished nails provide the piecè de résistance to any ensemble.  Top off your V-Day look with this fiery red polish.

5. Passionate for Polka Dots


TREND ALERT!  The printed pant.  Show off your trendy side on V-Day in these pink twill polka dot pants


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