Tallia Deljou '12


When you pass by Tallia Deljou on campus, it would be hard to tell that this young lady is connected to so many different parts of the world as well as campus. Unless you ask her, you would never guess that she Iranian, speaks both Farsi and Hebrew, and was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Being a humble soul, you also wouldn’t be able to pick up on the fact that she is the president of her sorority, Delta Gamma - Beta Epsilon, and the musical director and president of the Treble in Paradise, an a capella group of campus. Oh, and let’s not forget that she just won the award for being American University’s Greek Woman of the Year!
Being involved in campus group are not the only accomplishments you can give Tallia credit for. Just last Friday, Tallia graduated American University with a major in Psychology and a minor in Health Promotion. She plans to return to Georgia and hopefully start a support group for high school girls called “G-chat.” She will also be using this new and unfamiliar feeling of having some free time to engage in her interests and develop them more.
Tallia enjoys photography, playing the piano, and meeting new people. Her favorite food is steak and sushi (yum!) and Tryst is her restaurant of choice in DC. Oh and let’s not forget about the chai tea lattes, sweet potato fries, and “anything pumpkin flavored” as her go to indulgences.
Having already experienced the full run of college life, her best advice for those of us just starting out is to “Do what you want and enjoy yourself, it will be over before you know it and don’t be afraid to do things on your own.”
Tallia is one perfect example of a Campus Celebrity, friend, and role model who will be missed on campus.

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