How to Slim Down Your Starbucks Order

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When you order your go-to drink at Starbucks, do you ever think about what goes into that latte or frap? You don’t have to drink the exact milk, syrup and topping combination that is standard of Starbucks drinks. Your daily or weekly Starbucks consumption doesn’t have to be considered an indulgence. There are simple ways to order your drink with fewer calories, less fat, and less worry. Here are some terms and tips to use when ordering your drink to perfection, just the way you want it.

Go for the ‘Skinny’ version: this means non-fat milk and sugar-free syrup. Switching from whole milk to non-fat milk can save you 60-110 calories.

Order a ‘Double’: this gives you an extra shot of caffeine for a jolt of energy. Extra caffeine can quicken your metabolism and relieve aches in muscles; but too much can make you shaky and wired.

Try Sugar-Free: this is syrup without refined white sugar. Your drink might taste a little bland so you can add Sugar in the Raw (20 calories) (Splenda is white refined sugar and much sweeter than actual sugar).

No whip: this means no whipped cream and saves you 110-140 calories and 13 grams of fat.

Stick to the basics: don’t get fancy, for example, stick with the original mocha over a white chocolate mocha and it will save you 140 calories.

Our drink of choice: Skinny Vanilla Latte, (hot and iced) saves you 60 calories over a regular vanilla latte.

  • Tall: 100 calories (hot) 60 calories (iced)
  • Grande: 120 calories (hot) 80 calories (iced)

Portion size: Do you really need a venti so that you can pee three times in the next hour during class? Try smaller sizes and enjoy what you’re drinking!

Check out the Starbucks nutrition page!

Three drinks with zero calories and no artificial sweeteners: Tall Hot Brewed Coffee, Tall Brewed Tazo Tea, and Tall Shaken Cold Tazo Iced Passion Tea (Unsweetened)

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