Together Forever?: The Reality of Serious Relationships in College

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We all know those couples who have been together forever and are already planning their wedding. Hey, maybe you’re even a part of one! And while it’s great to be in love, is this level of commitment healthy at the college level? Are these couples built to last? Relationships aren’t cut and dry – there is no right or wrong answer when emotions are involved – so Her Campus has enlisted the help of relationship experts and authors J.M. Kearns and Sylvia Shipp to help us understand serious relationships in college. Read on, collegiettes™!
The Benefits
Being in love has been proven time and time again by thousands of relationship experts to be beneficial to one’s well being. No matter how old you are, solid relationships make you happy! Duh, right? In college, you’re surrounded by hundreds, sometimes thousands, of guys who are similar to you. Not only is it easier to find a boyfriend, but it’s also easier to find someone with whom you’re compatible in the long run.
“It’s notoriously hard to find a truly compatible partner in life, but an upside of the college environment is that it actually affords many opportunities, if you are looking for the right thing,” says Kearns. “In college, you tend to meet people who have similar interests, intelligence, values and background, are in the right age group and are even often from the same area you’re from. So the chances are favorable of finding someone with whom you have the potential for real friendship as well as sexual chemistry.”



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