9 Movie Characters We Wish Were Our Real-Life Boyfriends

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While the guys we meet on an everyday basis are nice enough, they don’t even compare to the dream boyfriends who grace the big screen in all of our favorite romantic movies. And even though these fantasies of dating our favorite movie characters are downright impossible to achieve, we just can’t help but obsess over their wooing gestures and dashing good looks.

Maybe these on-screen hotties will never be our actual boyfriends, but that doesn’t mean we should stop daydreaming about them anytime soon! Here are 9 swoon-worthy movie characters who we would love to have as our real-life boyfriends.

1. The Guy Who Supports Your Dreams: Emmett From Legally Blonde

As determined, young collegiettes with big career aspirations, we need a man by our side who will support our dreams (even if that dream is ditching our sorority life to attend Harvard Law School). If you’re planning on becoming a high-powered businesswoman with an enviable career, then Emmett would definitely be your dream boyfriend. Together, you could be an unstoppable power duo with incredible jobs and the briefcases to match.

Emmett would be the kind boyfriend who would stay up with you all night long and help you study for that huge exam you’ve been stressing about for the past week. He’d also be the one to brag to all his friends when you end up getting an A on the test! Emmett’s never-ending support for his number-one lady is one of his most admirable qualities and is definitely a must on our boyfriend checklist.

No need to worry about Emmett getting any career envy; he just wants you to succeed!

2. The Guy Who WILL Text You Back: Noah From The Notebook

We all fell in love with Noah from the moment he flashed us his adorable grin and asked Allie to dance with him in the middle of an empty street. From his never-ending belief in fate to his undying devotion to the girl he loves, it’s no secret that Noah would be the perfect boyfriend. The fact that he’s totally gorgeous is just an added bonus.

Noah would be the perfect guy for any girl who’s looking for a passionate romance mixed in with a little adventure. Any hopeless romantic will tell you that they’ve always dreamed of having a spontaneous kiss in the rain just like Allie and Noah had after they get caught in the storm.

It’s safe to say that life with Noah would never be boring. Whether he’s hanging off of a Ferris wheel just to get your attention or building you the house of your dreams, a relationship with Noah would definitely be full of surprises. 

And let’s face it––Noah is the very reason why we girls get so angry when guys never text us back. If Noah had the time to write Allie 365 letters, then the guy you’ve been flirt-texting all week should at least have the decency to respond to your last text, right?

3. The Hook-Up Who Turns Into More: Dylan From Friends with Benefits

Justin Timberlake’s character in the movie Friends with Benefits, Dylan, is proof that sometimes the best person to have as your boyfriend is your best friend! Dylan is the perfect combination of silly and sweet, which is the very reason why we’d love to have him as a boyfriend.

Dylan’s laid-back persona, his ability to find the light in any situation and his good sense of humor are just a few of the things we absolutely love about him. He’s not afraid to make fun of you, and he won’t get mad when you make fun of him back! He’d be the perfect boyfriend for any collegiette looking for a fun, lighthearted relationship with someone who’s not afraid to tell you when you have morning breath, or that while your winter style is definitely comfy, it’s really not so cute.

4.  The Dreamy Musician: Ian From What a Girl Wants

It’s undeniable that a lot of unfortunate things happen to us while we’re in college, but having a boyfriend like Ian would definitely not be one of them! With his free spirit and his guitar-playing skills, it’s hard not to love him.

Not only is Ian adventurous and artistic, he’s also not afraid to be himself no matter whom he’s talking to. Whether you’re a stressed-out college sophomore with too much homework or the Queen of England, Ian will always let his true colors show around you.

Ian has undeniable charm (and an adorable accent to match) that could make any girl go weak in the knees. He’s the perfect guy to have by your side whenever you’re forced to attend a totally boring party or an awkward family gathering, because he can find the fun in any situation. The fact that he can serenade you to sleep every night isn’t half bad either! 

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